West Elm’s Paper Roses Can Be Enjoyed Throughout the Year


Although I do appreciate the sentiment behind a bouquet of fresh flowers, I’m always a little sad when the arrangement dies. That’s why I love these gorgeous paper roses from West Elm.

What could be cuter than a dozen roses that will never drop or wilt?

The roses are made from hand folded paper with wire wrapped stems and have a light red color. For $36, you get a set of 12 roses with 16 inch branches.

No vase is included, so you either need to use one from your personal collection or pick up a pretty West Elm vase with your order.

Paper flowers are a sophisticated alternative to silk flowers, but you do have to keep in mind that they are more fragile than silk flowers.

The product description says to wipe the flowers clean, but I’m thinking compressed air would also work to take care of the dust. (I often use a can of compressed air to freshen up my origami flower arrangement.)

You’ll also want to keep the flowers on a high shelf away from curious little ones who might try to take them apart.

If roses aren’t your thing, West Elm also has paper tulips, hellebore blossoms, snow drops, and dogwood blossoms that you can purchase. Floral arranging isn’t one of my talents, but the West Elm website shows several pictures of lovely arrangements that you can make from combinations of the paper blooms.

What’s your flower preference? Would you like a bouquet of paper roses or would you prefer the real thing?

Photo credit: West Elm

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