How to Teach Your Baby to Walk

If your baby is 4 years old, it is time for him/her to gradually transition from sitting up to being able to walk around on his/her own. Generally, babies who are between 10 months and 18 months begin walking by themselves. However, it is a gradual process that may transition from sitting up to crawling to pulling up to walking. Furthermore, every baby is different, it may take longer for your baby to learn how to walk or he/she may even start walking in a very short time. The key is to know how to teach your baby to walk.
How to teach your baby to walk

4 To 7 Months

Your baby is ready to learn how to walk if he/she can sit on his/her own without requiring assistance. Since your baby will using his/her muscles to stand up and eventually walk on his/her own, being able to sit up without help will strengthen those muscles.

7 To 10 Months

Regardless whether your baby is merely able to belly crawl or scoot, or actually crawl. If your little one is between the ages of 7 and 10 months, it will be important that your baby learns how to simultaneously practice moving his/her arms and legs. Once your baby is ready to walk, these skills will come in handy.

8 Months

As your baby’s curiosity increases and as his/her muscles strengthen up, he/she will begin using furniture as support to lift himself/herself up on his/her feet, or you may also help your baby pull himself/herself up on his/her feet. At this point, you may begin helping your baby learn how to balance himself/herself so that your little one becomes familiar with standing up on its own two feet.

8 To 9 Months

Once your baby manages to hold your hands to pull himself/herself up and stand up without losing balance, you may then assist your little one in taking a couple of steps. While your baby will still not be ready to walk on his/her own, but this will help your little one progress to the next level and take his/her first few steps confidently.

Eventually, your will baby will not always require you to hold his/her hand to help him/her get around. Your baby will gradually start to cruise around the house on his/her own using furniture and walls as support. Make sure you baby proof your house as your little one’s mobility keeps on increasing and at that point, you should also secure all furniture to the walls.

9 To 12 Months

In order to be able to walk on his/her own, your baby will first have to learn to balance himself/herself without any help and without tripping. Your baby will feel more self-confidence to take his/her very first independent step once he/she is able to remain properly balanced while standing up.

It will be a magnificent and remarkable moment when your baby takes his/her very first steps on his/her own. You should actually celebrate that moment with your little one so he/she may feel even more confident about walking without help. It takes a lot of confidence for a baby to begin walking on his/her own, so the more encouragement and praise you offer, the quicker your little one will start walking on his/her own.

12 To 15 Months

Once your baby has taken his/her first few steps, he/she may stumble down as he/she practices walking without help, but there is no reason to feel discouraged or to fret. However, once your little begins practicing walking, even if he/she is stumbling every couple of steps, you should still keep encouraging and praising him/her for his/her effort. Sometimes, babies may also initially transition between crawling and walking until they are comfortable to walk regularly, so this is also no reason to be worried. Between these ages, you should encourage your baby to walk as much as you can. So, instead of putting your little one down in a sitting position, always put him/her in a standing position so that your baby may get used to walking.

Never Use A Walker

Knowing how to teach your baby to walk properly is essentially for a baby to effectively learn how to walk. Some parents believe that they will succeed at teaching their baby to walk more effectively if they use a walker, but its use is actually discouraged and you are strongly advised not to use one. Using a walker will actually hinder the walking development of your little one and regardless of the claims by manufacturers, they are not exactly safe. If you really want to effectively and successfully teach your baby how to walk, then it is best if you go through the entire process discussed above as your baby continues to grow.

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