Spectrapure CSP Reverse Osmosis System Review And Analysis


The SpectraPure CSP line of reverse osmosis filtration systems and reverse osmosis coupled with deionization are some of the smallest yet most efficient and long lasting systems available. The systems are designed for household use but can accommodate industrial needs that are small. Multiple systems can be attached at different points in the home or business to provide large volumes of pure water as needed.

The idea behind the SpectraPure CSP is to provide a source of contaminate free water that protects people’s health and protects the piping, washers, and valves that the water runs through from damage. Cleaner water can guarantee lower repair bills, less work cleaning bathtubs and showers, and cleaner clothes.

Pure water

The purity of the water that comes out of a SpectraPure CSP is guaranteed by patented technology developed by SpectraPure and several systems that allow the owner to inspect the water quality at any time.

All the systems have a three-stage filtration process. The systems include a prefiltration step through a 0.5 micron sediment filter and activated charcoal. The system also has a silica trap. The waste that is collected is secured in a vessel that cannot back flush to the system. The reverse osmosis filters further cleans the water.

The SpectraPure CSP systems are designed to monitor themselves. Contaminate content is monitored at the feed of the three cylinder system and at the exit. The same system monitors the contaminate content of the reverse osmosis system. A separate monitor automatically flushes the entire system every hour to prevent any system overload.


The systems are 15 inches high, 16 inches wide, and six inches in depth. The size will fit any water entry area or any room. The small size also makes maintenance, inspection, and filter cleaning simple and easy.

Built to last

All of the working components are made of high density polymer. The frame is powder coated stainless steel. The SpectraPure CSP design is a guarantee that the systems will last and perform well much longer than the standard three year replacement warranty.

Easy to install and use

Each SpectraPure CSP unit comes with all of the tubing and connections that are needed to connect to any water supply. The kit even comes with a special wrench to connect the parts to the frame. Preparation and installation should take no more than two hours.

The canisters are clear. This feature makes the inspection of the unit much easier and faster.

The waste can be ported to a container or simply outside the home. The piping and connections for the disposal are included in the system.

Multiple sizes

The SpectraPure CSP systems come in 90 gallon per day and 180 gallon per day models. The fit for any home is made by reading your water bill and finding out your monthly usage and doing a little division.


The cost of the SpectraPure CSP system ranges from $250 to $370 depending on your volume choice and needs for reverse osmosis. You can spend that much on repairs for copper deterioration alone in a year.

The SpectraPure CSP is small, convenient, technologically superior, and easy to install and operate.

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