S2BMOM Premium Contoured U-Shaped Pillow Review

S2BMOM Premium Contoured U-Shaped Pillow

The S2BMOM U-Shaped pillow is huge! It an be molded into any shape you desire. This elongated, round shaped pillow covers the parameter of your body from one knee, over your shoulders and head, back down to the other knee. You can lay your entire body on this pillow and feel like you are laying on a bed of clouds. The pillow is not over padded so you will sink into a very comfortable position quickly. You can prop any part of your body on this soft pillow at any angle that will make you the most comfortable. It is an extremely therapeutic pillow that eases joint pain, neck strain and allows sleeping on your side easier. You will get that deep, good night sleep you have been wanting for so long. If you are pregnant, the S2BMOM pillow is a gift from heaven. This pillow will lift your stomach just enough to relieve you of the side pressure that comes during that special time of life. This pillow is so long that you can place a part of it between your thighs for pelvic relief, and still have enough pillow left to swoop around your head. Or you can easily cover all of your lower body from one side to the other. One unique feature of the S2BMOM pillow is that it has a small section that doesn’t have padding. It is great for putting your arm there for side sleeping. You also can use this pillow to elevate your legs and feet.

The S2BMOM pillow is made of Cotton / Polypropylene / Polyester. It is Phthalate, latex, lead and BPA free. The outside is 100% cotton making it breathable and the touch feeling is plush. The inside has a premium lush interior cushion which is tender, yet firm. There is a zipper that allows for easy access in removing the long cover. You won’t have any problems removing the pillow cover and it is a breeze to clean. It is quite bulky so if you’re sharing a smaller bed, it could create a challenge. Overall, there are only good things to say about the S2BMOM contoured u-shaped pillow. I’m glad to say I own one.

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