Review of Modern Co-Sleeper: the Baby Bunk


The Baby Bunk is very clean lined, extremely useful co-sleeper that is both beautiful and functional. Its wooden design is such a welcome change from the frilly bassinets or the plain jane co-sleepers out there like the Arm’s Reach.

The Baby Bunk is a wooden bed with three sides, two arms that fit under your mattress and two legs that go down to the floor. It offers a separate space for baby while still having her “in bed” with you.

I’ve used this co-sleeper now for 2 babies and it’s really made those first few months possible. I mean, sure, you’re sleep deprived and all but with this bed you don’t have to get up to check on the baby, just turn and open your eyes. Boy, does that make getting back to sleep easier.

And, as a new mom, you check on your new baby A LOT. There is this fear that overtakes just about every new mother I know…the fear that your baby has stopped breathing. I mean, when I brought my first baby home I must have put my finger under her nose a thousand times if I did it once.

The Baby Bunk is easy to lift your baby out of, and to put her back without really waking her up. Believe me, in the middle of the night after you’ve fed her and burped her and finally gotten her to close her eyes again, the last thing you want to do is wake her when you lay her down. There is less jostling, less up and down than with other beds because of the way this co-sleeper is designed. It has 3 sides and your mattress makes the fourth side. So, you can simply lean over and pick up baby then lean over and put her back. Easy peasy.

The 3 sided configuration may make you wonder about how to keep the covers from drifting over and smothering the baby. It definitely crossed my mind, too. All I can say is that I push the covers over to my husband’s side of the bed so there is not enough fabric from my side to migrate over. It’s never been a problem for us.

Another concern that I’ve heard about the 3 sided design is what if the baby wiggles over and plants her face in between your mattress and the bunk. First off, the bunk is stable, so moving it isn’t easy, especially not for a baby. You do have to make sure that it is properly positioned next to your bed. Each time I make my bed I push it in so that I know it’s in the right spot because it can move.

Second, the mattress you sleep on is really no different than a bumper, that is if you don’t have a large feather top on your mattress that goes down around the sides. If you do have a soft, fluffy feather bed that fits around your mattress and makes the side a suffocation hazard, then best to remove that before using this co-sleeper.

The Baby Bunk can be used for 4 or so months or until your little one is able to sit up and possibly pull on the sides and fall over. Then, it’s time for the next step in infant sleeping arrangements.

If you are interested in to co-sleeping but don’t want the baby in the bed between you and your partner, then this is a great solution. Like I said, I’ve used it for 2 babies and have loved it. I’ve even had friends come over and ask to borrow it when their time comes because they like it so much!

But, the thing that sold me on this (and it’s really a little thing) is that you can buy 4 short legs for it and make it a bench for your child when she is old enough to use it. Imagine it sitting near the front door – a perfect spot for putting on and taking off shoes. I love it when something has multiple lives!



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