Puredown U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Review

Puredown U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

If you are pregnant or have been pregnant before, you know how it can be difficult to get a good night’s rest. Your body is changing, your sleep pattern is no longer the same, and the sleeping positions you were used to are no longer as comfortable as you thought. However, you still need as much sleep as you can get to make sure you are taking good care of yourself and your baby so this is where the Puredown U Shaped pregnancy pillow will work wonders for you.

The Puredown has a pair of contoured side crutches giving you the option to rest on your backside or on either side of your body. This pillow can also be used in various other sleeping positions such as tucking it in between your legs for comfort, or beneath your head to provide additional support, or underneath your hips to relieve any pressure. With its ergonomic shape, this pillow can be elevated to your personal preference, and used to support your back and tummy simultaneously, and also assists in relieving aching joints. Other health symptoms that this pillow can help alleviate include: heartburn, nasal congestion, sciatica, and even carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Puredown body pillow is not only beneficial, but functional as well. With a removable and machine washable cotton pillow cover (via a zipper), you can make certain that your pillow will be easy to clean, and also remain clean. With its hypoallergenic filling, you can be assured that the health of your baby is not jeopardized, and your allergies will not be agitated. It also comes in a variety of colors to suit your liking. Whether you are pregnant, or do not like to sleep with pillows, or simply someone who has a difficult time getting relaxed enough to get any sleep, the Puredown pillow can help you get some decent shut eye. Your sleep depends on a great pillow, and this pillow would be a considerable investment for not only a good night’s rest, but for quality of life.

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