Pregnancy Pillow: What You Need to Know

Pregnancy pillows can help a mother to protect her unborn child during the night. She must be conscious about her body throughout her entire pregnancy, including times when she is not fully awake. It can be difficult to be fully aware of the body while sleeping. Mothers who have used pregnancy pillows admit that they felt a strong sense of protection for their unborn babies while using a pregnancy pillow. Choosing the perfect pregnancy body pillow to use during pregnancy can be difficult. It can be helpful to understand the different types of pillows that are available for purchase. Pregnancy pillows can differ in size, shape, and price.

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Size – Pregnancy pillows can range from very large body size pillows to small pillows that fit perfectly under the belly when laying down. While all sizes of pregnancy pillows have proven effective, many moms prefer the larger body sized pillows. These are often labeled “total body” pillows. These pillows provide support for the entire body including the head, neck, hips and back while leaving the pelvic area open for comfort.

Shape – The shape of pregnancy pillows also varies greatly. From oblong to wedge shaped pillows, mom is sure to find the perfect shape to fit her growing body. Wedge shaped pillows are often smaller and fit snuggly under the belly providing support and comfort for moms who find it uncomfortable to lie on their sides. Pregnancy body pillow can also be C shaped, J shaped or U shaped. The shape that you need will depend on the type of comfort that you are looking for. C shaped pillows provide support for the head, legs, stomach, and neck and fit snug to your body. J shaped pillows provide less support for these areas but can easily bend and curve to fit other needs. U shaped pillow offer support for the back and belly are usually the biggest pillows available.

Price – The overall cost of a pregnancy pillow is very efficient. The larger the maternity pillow, the higher the price will be for it. Smaller pillows are cheaper because they contain less material and stuffing than larger pillows. If price is of importance to you, it is definitely recommended that you choose the smaller pregnancy pillow. The brand of pregnancy pillow that you choose will also have an effect on the price that you pay for it.

There are many options available to you when choosing a pregnancy pillow. It is helpful to know what types of pillows are available. Choose a pregnancy pillow that is shaped for your specific needs. Determine what your problem areas are and find a pillow that will help comfort you during the night. If you are pregnant, a body pillow made for pregnant women can help provide protection for your unborn baby. Take advantage of the many benefits that a pregnancy pillow can offer you. You will be glad that you did.

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