Live and Sleep Mattress Review

There are many mattress companies that run their business as only online retailers like Live and Sleep. But, Live and Sleep stands out from the crowd in their own way. They offer reasonable prices but the quality of each of mattresses is worth that money.

If you are curious about this Live and Sleep mattress, keep reading the details below.

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Construction of Live and Sleep mattress

This Live and Sleep Classic mattress is simply constructed from two layers that form 10 inches in total thickness. The top layer is 2.5 inch memory foam. It has the necessary softness to be easy to conform to body shape and relieve pressure. More ideally, it can be responsive, which will response slowly when pressure is applied. And, the base is made of 7.5 inch base layer of dense poly foam. It is highly dense, which can act as a strong base, and maintain the great shape for the mattress as a whole.


The cover is stretch knit and very breathable. Aesthetically speaking, it just looks simple and basic in its white tone. In general, there is nothing too impressive to talk about the cover of Live and Sleep Classic.

Close up of the Live & Sleep Cover

Close up of the Live & Sleep Cover

constructed of live and sleep

Constructed of live and sleep

Feel for Comfort, Support and Others

Firstly, the mattress is designed to fairly firm, though, how deep the sinkage it makes will depend on your weight. The fact is people with average weights (150 – 300 pounds) will never experience too deep sinkage. If we rate 10 as the firmest level on the firmness scale, this mattress lands at 7.5 – 8.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This makes it hard to support side sleepers, but works well in providing the surface for maintaining the proper spine alignment.

Secondly, due to being made of all foams, the contour it makes is just great and pronounced. When lying, it will conform to your body shape and let you feel more hug, yet not stuck in there. Thirdly, it is important to know how this mattress performs in terms of motion transfer if you are sharing bed with a partner. The nice thing is it does a good job in minimizing the motion transfer, so both of you can sleep soundly without any disturbances.

Fourthly, as a foam mattress, it tends to compress easily if pressures are placed on the edges. However, if you aren’t going to use the edge to sit or lie doing things a lot, the occasional sittings do not put it at risks of sagging quickly. Lastly, the mattress tends to experience more heat retention than others due to having no gel infusion.

Additional Information

Live and Sleep is an online only retailer, so you can’t find any physical stores of this company. Here are some pieces of information that you may be also interested in Live and Sleep.

Where the mattress is made – it is manufactured in the United States

Trial Period – you have 30 days to test the comfort and support from this Live  and Sleep out,  if you end up with disappointment, just return it back and get your refund.

Limited warranty – The Live and Sleep offer you 20 years for a limited warranty when purchasing this mattress

Purchasing a Live and Sleep mattress, you also make a donation without any extra costs – A portion of each purchase goes to charity

Size – there are many sizes to choose, but lead to differences in their prices. The nice thing is most of them come in reasonable prices and can be considered the best mattress under $500.

Who Should Consider this Live and Sleep Classic mattress?

  • Who are back, and especially stomach sleepers
  • Who are more into the all foam mattresses
  • Who are looking for firm mattresses
  • Who prefer pronounced contour and sinkage but not stuck feel
  • Who dislike too thick mattresses (12 – 16 inches in thickness)
  • Who are sharing bed with a partner
  • Who look for the mattress that is good at keeping and maintaining the proper spine alignment

Who may not Like this Live and Sleep Classic mattress?

  • Who are looking for cooling gel infusion in foam mattresses
  • Who are side sleepers
  • Who looks for luxury look


  • Balance of contour and sinkage and firmness
  • Moderately strong edge support
  • Good at sharing a mattress with a partner
  • Bearable warm feeling
  • Suitable for heavy sleepers
  • Being a good mattress for sex


All in all, the Live and Sleep mattress is a very solid memory foam mattress that we recommend for both individuals as well as couples who like the feel of memory foam and don’t want to spend too much on a mattress.

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