Get Your Child To Stop Biting Nails with Mavala Stop


My husband has a horrible habit: he bites his nails. It drives me totally crazy and I cannot stand it when he watches TV and mindlessly bites his nails. And the best part about this? My 3 year old son has started doing it too. So I was very glad to find Mavala Stop.

Mavala offers a great polish that helps break this yucky habit. It’s a transparent polish that has a distinct bitter taste that discourages kids (and adults!) from nail biting or putting their fingers in their mouths. It tastes horrible, but is completely harmless.

All you have to do is apply a coat on the nail and let it dry. Then repeat the application every two days until you have broken the habit of biting your nails.

Mavala polish is recommended for children who are 3 years or older because children’s taste buds are not fully developed before this age and the product may not be effective. It can be used alone or over color. It’s also recommended for kids who suck their thumbs. I did read in a few reviews that you have to be careful though because the kids will taste it anytime they put their fingers in their mouths (like while eating).

Am I going to try it? I’m not sure. It seems kind of mean and I hate to think that every time he eats he will end up tasting the polish as well. It is reasonably priced, and I guess I could take it off if it really bothers him.

What do you think? Should I try Mavala Stop? Do you have any other suggestions I could try first?



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