Best Video Baby Monitors – Unbiased Reviews

A video baby monitor provides a secure way to calm parents’ fears by showing them their babies while parents are in a different room. It is a great option to use in babies’ rooms, or it can be used in any room where babies may be, such as a playroom or living room. Here are our top picks for the best video monitors.

Smart Mom Pick for 2016 – Levana Stella Baby Monitor


The Levana Stella Baby Monitor is perfect for those who would like to capture their baby’s special moments anytime of the day. Stella showcases a little princess or superhero on a large 4.3-inch screen, which is almost like being in the same room as the baby. The smooth and silent pan/tilt/zoom camera enables the users to observe a nursery 270 degrees horizontally and vertically 90 degrees. This all-encompassing view can be accomplished with the simple touch of a button.

One amazing highlight of the Levana Stellar Baby Monitor is the ability to interact with a baby with the Talk to Baby two-way communication feature. Parents can use this revolutionary feature to soothe their baby with the sound of their voice. Parents can also communicate with each other when they need some assistance in the nursery. Another highlight of the monitor is the invisible LED night vision. Unlike distracting red LED lights that are typically found on traditional baby video monitors, these invisible infrared LEDs will help a baby sleep more soundly while providing parents with a clear image of the child in the dark. Parents can view objects up to 15 feet for ideal conditions. Depending on the camera application, objects beyond this range may be partially or totally obscured.

The smart LED sound indicator ring is a unique feature that is designed to change color with the sound of a baby’s voice. The following is a list of the colors and their corresponding indications:

Pink: Disconnected
Blue: Low volume/whispers
Green: Low-medium volume/murmurs
Yellow: Medium volume/cooing
Orange: Medium-high volume/chatter
Red: High volume/yelling

Along with the smart LED sound indicator ring, the monitor is also equipped with a Private ClearVu digital signal. This proprietary technology provides the user with exceptional precision and clarity of a digital signal from up to 750 feet away. The technology also ensures a private and secure connection that is interference-free. As a result, parents can accomplish tasks inside and outside of a house while periodically checking on their baby.

The Levana Stella Baby Monitor contains three soothing lullabies, which can be activated and changed remotely by the parent unit. A crying baby is sure to love the sound of one of these soothing songs. The product can also add up to four expandable cameras so that users can view up to four areas of their home on one monitor. Stella’s expandable system is designed to grow with a family.

This exceptional baby monitor has a 36-hour battery life in PEEP mode or Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture. When the nursery is quiet, the product is set to PEEP mode, which saves hours of valuable battery life.

VTech VM333 Baby Monitor


The VTech VM333 comes with one parent unit with an LCD video display and one baby camera that provides both audio and video, and the system can be expanded to up to four cameras

The baby unit features a white, spherical camera on a white base that is designed to be set on a solid surface or hung on a wall. The shape and style of the camera allow it to be easily panned and tilted from the convenience of the parent unit, allowing parents to see their babies from all angles even as the infant moves about the room. Parents can also remotely zoom the camera to 2X. A small sensor on the back of the unit provides the room’s temperature, helping parents know if their babies are too hot or too cold.

The parent unit itself features a small enough size to take it from room to room easily but a big enough screen to provide decent video quality. The 2.8-inch LCD screen provides full-color video during the day as well as black-and-white images at night using infrared lights. The parent module also provides easy access buttons to pan, tilt and zoom as well as another button to speak remotely to the baby.

The VTech VM333 has very few downsides for the price. Its specifications are comparable to other units offered within the same price range. However, users do have a few complaints. Some believe that the signal strength is not the best and should reach more than 1,000 feet. Others prefer a larger video screen for viewing the baby. Finally, some parents have problems with the night vision video capabilities due to the camera having only two infrared lights.

Overall, the Safe and Sound Monitor gives most parents just what they need for monitoring their babies, ensuring that they are safe, warm and comfortable. Two-way talk lets parents soothe their babies through the monitor and a lullaby feature on the camera can help babies fall asleep. In addition, parents can see how much signal strength they have on their home screens.

VTech is a well-recognized name for baby monitors, telephones and home monitoring systems. Most parents associate this brand with a well-made yet reasonably priced product. The VM333 is a great option for parents who are looking for a moderately capable and trustworthy video monitor.

Motorola MBP18 Baby Monitor

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Parents and other caregivers are sure to enjoy the Motorola MBP18 baby bonitor. The product is equipped with many unique features so users can ensure that their baby is always safe and secure. The primary purpose of the monitor is to provide caregivers with a peace of mind as their baby is sleeping in a nearby room.

The Motorola MBP18 is extremely easy to install. Although the product can be secured at the top of a corner in a nursery, the camera’s incredible turn radius enables users to position the unit on more reachable surfaces such as a dresser or nightstand. Unlike most cameras, the user can twist the unit to face at an angle. Because of this revolutionary feature, parents can obtain an unobstructed view of the child, especially when the camera is situated on a tall surface and then angled down to focus on the crib.

Another highlight of the product is the crystal clear and vibrant images that are displayed on the 1.8-inch color LCD screen. This compact yet efficient monitor shows real-time video and sound in the baby’s room. The screen can also display images in dark settings due to the infrared night vision mode. During this night-time mode, the light on the camera is dimly lit so little sleepers can rest peacefully while parents can observe them on the monitor.

The monitor is operated by using the buttons that are displayed on the front of the panel. The designated buttons allows the user to change the brightness, adjust the volume, set a timer, switch camera units, and add/remove additional cameras. The monitor can be paired with up to four cameras. Also displayed on the monitoring unit are the battery life, current camera unit, and the range indicator.

The Motorola MBP18 baby monitor is designed for travel and home use. The product’s small and compact design can be easily tucked away in a suitcase, purse, or diaper bag. As a result, parents and caregivers can enjoy this monitoring system in a hotel, at a friend’s house, or at an office. Regardless of the location, the superior wireless range helps users stay connected to their baby up to 520 feet away. An alarm sounds when the monitor is out-of-range of the transmitting unit so parents will never have to worry if they are close enough to the baby to receive a signal. The system also sounds when the product is running low on battery.

Along with the digital wireless video baby monitoring system, the product includes a comprehensive instructional manual, AC adapters, 1 receiver, and 1 transmitter. Customers will also receive a 1-year manufacturer warranty to cover any faulty parts.

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