Best Innerspring Mattress Reviews

Whatever the surge of foam-based mattresses, innerspring mattresses are also sought by many customers. These purchasers come from a group that loves the unique feels and support of innerspring mattresses.

This guide will offer those who are new to innerspring mattress a definition and benefits of innerspring mattress. Along with that, the list of best innerspring mattress will be offered for all of us, who care about innerspring mattresses and want to sleep on an innerspring mattress. If you need the best air mattress for camping, read review here.

Top Best Innerspring Mattress 2018 on Amazon

  1. Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch
  2. Resort Sleep Full 10 Inch Cooling Memory Foam
  3. Classic Brands Engage Gel Memory Foam
  4. Olee Sleep 13 Inch Box Top Hybrid Gel
  5. LINENSPA 6 Inch Innerspring Mattress – Twin

The definition of Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattress is uniquely designed by using a dense layer of metal spring coils in varying gauges and density. With this design, innerspring mattress is capable of providing support and pressure relief. In addition, most designs of innerspring mattresses come with an encasement foam on the top and sides of the mattress to protect the coils. Also, this encasement foam acts as extra comfort layer on top.

Generally, the thicker the gauge of metal used, the firmer the mattress will be. In addition, if a higher number gauge are used, the spring will be thinner, while a lower number gauge produces a denser, thicker spring.

For that said, these four categories are also the things to consider when choosing innerspring mattress. If all of them perform well, it means the innerspring is a best quality one.

Benefits of Innerspring Mattress

Wide variety – innerspring mattresses can provide a variety of feels, firmness levels and support levels while using the same coil-based construction.

Wide budget range – innerspring mattresses comes in a variety of prices, from low prices to expensive prices. This makes customers easier to choose.

Great bounce – having great bounce is what makes innerspring mattress become the most sought for. In addition, the coil base support provides a quick response.

Less Off-gassing – if off-gassing is the most common concern of customers when purchasing a memory foam mattress,  innerspring mattress uses less foam, resulting in less off-gassing and smell contained in the mattress.

Good breathability, great cooling feel – the coil construction allows air to flow through the mattress many times better than memory foam. This results in greater cooling feel for sleepers.

Saatva mattress layers (top to bottom)

Saatva mattress layers

Types of Coils & Springs

Types of coils are also things you should consider when choosing an innerspring mattress. There are 4 types of coils including Bonnell coils, pocket coils (also known as Marshall Coils), offset coils, and continuous coils (also known as Mira coils).

Bonnell coils

Bonnell coil was the first type of coil in traditional innersprings. It looks the same as hourglass shape compresses or expands based on the amount of pressure applied. Each individual coil is set in a row across the mattress, and then all the rows are weaved together. This aims to coils connected together and acts as a complete assembly. In addition, this is the most popular type to be used in expensive innerspring mattresses.

Bonnell coils

Bonnell coils

Pocket coils (Marshall Coils)

With this type, pocket coils are wrapped in a thin fabric. These fabric pockets are grouped together to become a united system. Due to this unique system, the mattress can provide better contour and hug. Other upside is it creates less motion transfer, making it more ideal to share the mattress with other person. The manufacturing of this type costs higher than Bonnel coils, resulting in pocket coil mattresses are more expensive.

Pocket coils

Pocket coils

Offset coils

Offset coils are rather similar to bonnell coils, but they aren’t designed as rounded top like bonnel coils. The “D” shape helps this type have better hinging action when laced together.

Offset coils

Offset coils

Continuous coils

A single piece of wire that coils is used and designed to form the individual coils. Due to this unique design, it makes the mattress produce less motion transfer. However, the manufacturing process is inexpensive.

Continuous coils

Continuous coils


Hybrid mattress can provides both support and comfort due to the combination of innerspring base and a foam top layer. Usually, the foam layer is thicker than the encasement foam alone. Plus, the foam can come in different types including memory foam, latex and poly foam.

In addition, springs can be any one in the mentioned assemblies, but pocketed coils are the most common.

Hybrid – coils and foam

Hybrid – coils and foam

Coil Counts

With innerspring mattresses, the coil counts play an important role in the design. The number of coils determines how the mattress would feel. When using a smaller number of coils in the construction, the mattress will create fewer areas of contact body, resulting in uncomfortable pressure points. In contrast, when using a higher number of coils, the mattress will produce more hug and better contour to every curve of your body. Plus, this also increases the firmness of the mattress.

Additionally, pocketed coils are smaller than coils in Bonnell, offset, or continuous coils. Pocketed coil mattresses tend to use a higher number of coils.

Sapira mattress layers

Sapira mattress layers

Who would Like Innerspring Mattresses?

Whatever we seem to be flooded with foam-based mattress advertisements, innerspring mattress still gets its good position in the market. That’s because innerspring mattress has its own feels and supports that other mattresses do not have. Below are the most common reasons that makes people like innerspring mattress.

Prefer more traditional feel – innerspring mattress is well-known for great bounce, density and feel of the classic mattress, and those who used to these feel would look for innerspring mattresses.

Want a pronounced bounce – actually the bounce of innerspring mattress is incomparable. It is really pronounced and quickly responsive.

Need more cooling feel – due to the unique construction, the mattress can let the air flow easily, which leads to cooling feel for sleepers. This cooling feel is definitely better than cool memory foam mattresses.

Best Innerspring Mattress – Top Recommendations

There is always top recommendations contained in any mattress reviews, this is not an exception. These are the hand-picked mattresses, which are widely used and trusted by plenty of customers. Especially, most of the recommended mattresses in the list come in affordable prices.


Now have you already had your choice for the best innerspring mattress? Hope that, this best innerspring mattress review given is informative, which can be helpful for you when choosing an innerspring mattress. In addition, don’t forget to consider type of coils, coil gauge, coil count, and the mattress encasement.

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