Best Bottle Warmers – Unbiased Reviews

Bottle warmers are one of the best products for a parent to have on hand for many reasons besides being able to quickly warm a bottle. Microwaving milk or formula is not advised because it can heat unevenly, increasing the chance of burns. Many studies have also confirmed that microwaving milk and other foods can reduce the nutritional value. Bottle warmers use steam or warm water to heat milk in a safe way that does not change the composition of the milk. Here are our top picks for the best bottle warmer.

Smart Mom Pick for 2016 – The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer


The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer is a convenient way to warm baby bottles and is a perfect solution for your home and for travel. Don’t let the compact design fool you. This bottle warmer fits a variety of bottle sizes and styles including angled and wide-necked. It comes with measuring vials to ensure you have the correct amount of water added to the warmer. The vials are labeled with the amount of minutes it takes to warm different amounts of milk. Included in the instructions are the approximate minutes it will take to warm a bottle based on the amount milk. Use this as a guide to determine how much water to add to the warmer.

Once water has been added to the bottle warmer, press the button to turn it on and warm a bottle in a few short minutes. The button will light up while the bottle is warming. Once the bottle is finished warming, the light will turn off. Another added bonus is the basket insert, which can be used to warm jars of baby food. The basket can also be used to clean up to 2 pacifiers with the included pacifier sanitizer.

Contemporary design and being small in size make this bottle warmer a favorite for many parents. It can be stored in small spaces and can easily be packed for times when you will be away from home.

The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer is BPA, lead, and latex free. The consistency of the warmer distributes even heating and ensures there will not be any hot spots. For added safety, there is an auto shut-off feature. When a bottle is done warming, the First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer will turn off. This is a feature that not all bottle warmers have and is perfect for tired parents who have feedings in the middle of the night.

Choosing a bottle warmer can be a difficult decision. There are many options available with a variety of features. You will not regret selecting The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer. The First Years Company is known for having great product reviews and exceptional customer service.

Philips Avent Bottle Warmer


The Philips Avent Bottle Warmer is designed to provide babies with a safe and comfortable mealtime experience. The purpose of the product is to gently warm bottles and foods without causing hotspots like the ones found when heating these contents in the microwave. By circulating the milk continuously as it warms, the warmer is able to heat-up roughly 4-oucne substances in three minutes. Along with a setting for warming, the device also includes a setting for thawing. As a result, the warmer can be used to thaw frozen breast milk or baby food, which is more convenient than defrosting under a running tap, faster than waiting for the item to unfreeze in the refrigerator, and safer than thawing in the microwave.

This revolutionary product is easy to operate and can be used multiple times throughout a day. After plugging the warmer into an electrical outlet, simply flip the on/off switch on the back of the unit. A neon light informs the user that the product is in operational mode. Once water is added to the unit, the bottles, food jar, or cups can be filled directly on the warmer. Users can then refer to the complimentary instruction guide to calculate the correct heat-up time, which can be set with the adjustable dial. A blinking light will signal that the contents are properly warmed to a safe temperature. The internal temperature should be tested before serving the milk or food to a baby.

The Philips Avent Bottle Warmer’s small and compact design can be stored on a kitchen countertop or bedside table when the product is not in use. The compact bottom base is extremely durable so the warmer is unlikely to slide from a hard surface. The base is roughly 5-inches wide and 6-inches tall. This item is compatible with all Philips Avent bottles, toddler cups, and baby food containers. The warmer can also accommodate most bottles on the market. Another great feature of the item is that the material can be cleaned easily. This product is designed to support a baby through multiple states of development.

This affordable bottle warmer can help people safely care for a baby. The food or milk can be heated while the user is completing other necessary tasks. But users should pay close attention to contents to ensure that the plastic or glass items are warmed to the proper temperature. Unlike microwave ovens, this product will warm baby food or milk evenly. The Philips Avent Bottle Warmer is great for household use and is also travel friendly.

Along with a instruction guide, the Philips Avent Bottle Warmer is equipped with a two-year warranty. Users should remember to read the directions before operating.

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer


You don’t have to be stuck in your kitchen to warm your baby’s bottles. Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer heats up bottles as well as baby food jars so that you can conveniently feed your infant wherever you have access to an electrical outlet. It’s ideal for parents who use bottles.

When your infant is crying, getting food, milk or formula ready can be frustrating for parents. Using traditional methods, it can take time to gather your supplies and warm the bottle or jar of food to the perfect temperature. By the time you’re ready to feed your little one, it may take a while for him or her to calm down in order to eat. With Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer, you can bring a bottle to the right temperature within just a few minutes. It takes about 3 minutes to warm up a 4-ounce bottle.

When you’re warming food for an infant, it’s important to achieve even heating. Pockets of extremely warm liquid can burn the child’s mouth. Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer uses steam to heat liquid and purees thoroughly and evenly. It works well with plastic or glass bottles.

You can customize the warming times by pressing a button below the easy-to-read LCD panel. It takes almost no time to learn how to use the gadget. Adjust the timing by the second to achieve the ideal temperature for your bottles or jars of food. Once you have found the ideal warming time, you can set the device to remember it. When the item is heated, the warmer will sound an alarm, and the LCD display will flash, making it easy for you to respond quickly. The display is bright enough to see from across the room or in the dark.

When you use Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer, you don’t have to worry about purchasing the correct bottle size. The large chamber accommodates almost any bottle, from standard sizes to wide-neck bottles. The basket that you insert into the device can adjust to three different heights, making it easy to remove the item after it has been heated.

Your bottles will be heated evenly and to the ideal temperature every time. Since the water chamber is large, you can reheat a bottle several times before refilling the reservoir. That saves a busy parent even more time. The versatile appliance can also be used to sterilize other items, such as pacifiers, spoons or breast pump parts. The warmer is as small as a water bottle, so it doesn’t take up much space on the kitchen counter or in your luggage if you’re traveling with your little one.

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