Baby Products That May Cause Latex Allergy

It is every parent’s dream to buy the best baby products for their kids. No parent wants to get anything substandard, and keeping their baby comfortable is their top priority. However, not every product is really good for the baby.

I know that from time to time you have seen your baby crying profusely without actually knowing the reason why. Well it may come as a shock, but babies are very delicate and certain products will easily leave them with allergies.

The most common products that many babies are allergic to are, products made from latex. Latex is a synthetic material that originates from the tree. It is the source of rubber that we use to make many products including baby bottles/ erasers.

Here is a list of some of the most common baby products made from latex that can easily cause latex allergy.

Baby Bottle Nipples

With constant use, many kids will develop rashes along their lips or sustain peeled lip skins. Additionally they will have red, sore, or rashes on their tongue too. This are often signs of baby latex allergy. Using the bottle moderately and balancing with the breastfeeding is highly advisable.

Toys Made of Latex

I just found out that latex toys are some of the most commonly used baby items. However these products are notorious at causing latex allergy. Like pacifiers, babies tend to bite on their toys. Constant contact between latex material and the baby’s lips and tongue will have the same effects too.

Hot Water Bottles

Again many firms manufacture hot water bottles using latex. Processing such bottles with ethylene gas increases the chances of exposure to deposits of hidden latex. This is likely to cause so much allergic reactions from such bottles especially when used by kids or new born babies.

Disposal Gloves

You may not realize it but the truth is, disposal gloves just like balloons also contain latex deposits. Meaning that if they pop and the powder inside them gets airborne, they become very dangerous to the babies and kids. So parents should avoid buying such products for their kids.

Disposable Diapers

Like sanitary pads, disposable diapers have been made out of wood cellulose such as viscose and rayon. The mixture is often exposed to dyes, chlorine, and Dixon. These three elements are often dangerous and may cause allergies to the baby’s delicate skin. Using organic diapers is advisable.

Stroller Handles

It is common knowledge that most baby stroller handles are rubberized. The reason for this is to provide strong grip and leave your stroller in place. Rubber is latex. And stroller handles can easily leave latex deposits that could trigger latex allergy on the baby. Wrapping the handle with a cloth is cool. The best option is avoiding the rubberized handle that is made of latex. This one however calls for you to read the manufacture’s advice before you buy a baby stroller.


You baby may be ready to go to school. Learning the ABCs of a language can be fun. But on writing, mistakes take place. The pencil will slip. Their remedy is often an eraser. Erasers like baby lightweight stroller handles are made out of latex rubber. Constant exposure may cause sneezing or other latex allergies.

Baby Wipes

These ones come straight under this list. With perfumes and latex packaging, it is no news to find out that baby wipes have tons of latex deposits on them. When you use them sometime the skin will peel, rash, or become itchy. Baby wipes should therefore be used moderately and not always.

Intravenous Tubing

These are often used on babies when they go to hospitals; they can be used to inject liquid medicines or to add body fluids. Intravenous tubing is made of latex too. While using them certain doctors will also wear gloves. This boosts the exposure and can easily case latex allergy.

Rubber Bands

Do you love to knot your baby’s hair using rubber bands? You may be taking a dangerous step. Your baby may be getting exposed to latex. Constant expose will easily cause latex allergy. You should minimize the number of times that you use rubber bands on your babies hair too.

Clip Wraps

Few parents use these nowadays. Especially since disposable diapers have been the in thing. However, once in a while you may be tempted to use clip wraps usually when you use nappies. Remember, clips wraps are made of rubber. Whose main raw material is latex and which can easily cause latex allergy.

Swing Goggles

This is another favorite baby swimming gear. Parent use it to prevent water from the pool getting into their babies eyes especially before they learn how to swim. Goggles have rubberized edges that ensure they remain clapped to the side of the face. These too are made of latex that can easily trigger allergies.

Bike Grips

Like stroller grips another handle made of rubber is the bike handles. Parents love to buy double baby strollers and bikes at the same time. Meaning your kid could be getting a double dosage of latex exposure. It is therefore very important to keep them away from being touchy especially when using these two accessories.


Babies love stickers. I know every baby who will scream their hearts out just to get a sticker. The best thing about stickers is that they can be used for fun. The only bad thing they are made out of rubber/ latex. This makes them another top baby item that can easily trigger baby allergy especially when exposed closer to the sensory organs.


Rarely will babies use bandages, but when they do they will withstand the same exposures that any adult will have. Baby bandages on the other side have these deposits of latex that when released can easily trigger allergies. There are many other remedies that the doc can use in place of baby bandages.

Today, there are a number of latex-free baby supplies that any parent can purchase for their babies. In the US, the American Latex Allergy Association has this list of such latex-free supplies that babies should use. Make sure you get only the right products for your babies in order to eliminate the exposure to latex.

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