A Clever Way to Teach Children How to Spell Their Names


Personalized books are a great way to encourage young children to read. Lost My Name makes unique personalized books for boys and girls that tell the story of a child who wakes up to realize that his or her name has gone missing.

The child goes on an adventure to gather the letters of the name. Different characters are assigned to each letter, creating a unique story for every child.

For example, a child with the name Amber would visit an aardvark, mermaid, bear, elephant, and a robot before regaining the letters that are needed to spell her name. A boy with the name Logan would visit a lion, ostrich, giant, aardvark, and nabarlek before his journey was complete.

If you go to the Lost My Name website, you can get a full preview of what your child’s book would look like by typing in your child’s name and selecting a boy or girl’s book. I tried a few different name combinations as a test and I thought every name ended up with a memorable story for the child.

Lost My Name personalized books are $27.99 with free shipping. You can add gift wrapping and a personal dedication for $4. If you want to order more than one book, there is a 5% discount for multiple purchases.

Lost My Name books are listed as being suitable for children ages two to six, although the site says they are most likely to appeal to a child who is just learning how to spell his or her name.

What do you think of this idea? Would your child enjoy a personalized Lost My Name book?



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