The Play-Doh Disney Princess Prettiest Princess Castle Set Is a Fun Twist on a Classic

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princess play doh set

Who didn’t love Play-Doh as a kid? What kid doesn’t love it now? For fans of the Disney Princesses, Play-Doh got even cooler. With this set, you can create dresses for Belle, Aurora, and Cinderella, and you can add “hair” to Rapunzel up in the tower (she’s not removable like the other princesses; instead, she’s an image on the wall that has a hole below it where you can push Play-Doh through to create hair).

This kit comes with four small containers of Play-Doh—yellow, purple, green, and red. The top of the castle has a hole to drop Play-Doh into and a separate piece that pushes it through to create Rapunzel’s flowing hair (this is my daughter’s favorite part).

The outside sections hold the other three princesses when not in use, and they attach to the outside of the castle. Unfortunately, only two of the three on the one my daughter has actually stays in place. These sections are the molds where kids can create new dresses from Play-Doh, too.

The outside feels about like what I expected—simple plastic, not too flimsy, but not particularly sturdy. It’s also pinkish-purple with glitter, which you can almost never go wrong with when shopping for a total girly-girl.

Aside from the annoyance of one of the molds falling off the side of the castle at all times (which may just be a problem with ours), I think this is a fun new way to enjoy Play-Doh.

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