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Salonpas Offers a Safe, Effective Way to Deal with Everyday Aches and Pains

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As we all know, moms don’t get sick days and your kiddos don’t slow down just because you’re a little sore! Salonpas pain relieving patches using menthol and methyl salicylate are a great option for relieving mild to moderate aches and pains associated with backache, sprains, strains, arthritis, or bruises.

The patches are easy to apply and stay on fairly well, although I haven’t really tested how well they hold up to water because I usually change mine right after a shower. The adhesive does not irritate sensitive skin or cause pain when it is removed. (I’ve had band-aids that hurt more to take off than one of these patches.)

Salonpas patches should only be applied to clean, dry skin that does not have any open cuts or scratches.

Salonpas advertises that the patches last for up to 12 hours. I’ve gone to sleep with one on and found it worked well throughout the night. I gave a few of my samples to my mother to try and she said it lasted throughout a full day of yard work.

The Salonpas patches have a minty scent. It’s not strong enough that anyone standing more than a foot or two away from you would smell it, however.

The patches are made from a thin, flexible material that disappears under your clothes, but the generic “flesh” color is visible on your skin. If you need something that is totally invisible, Salonpas also makes a pain relieving cream and spray.

Visit the Salonpas website to learn more or to purchase products. Salonpas items can also be found in most drug and discount stores throughout the US.

Disclaimer: Product samples were provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of preparing this review.

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Link Round-up: Makeup Review, Save on Disney Vacations, Stay Healthy, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a makeup review, tips for saving on a Disney vacation, tips for staying healthy, recipes, and more.

Tastefully Frugal shared a recipe for eggplant Parmesan.

Mind Body Green has eight tips for staying healthy when you’re crazy busy.

Oh She Glows shared a recipe for raspberry chia seed jam and oat crumble squares (they’re gluten-free).

Living Well Spending Less shared 20 ways to save money on a Disney vacation.

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Kenarry showed us how to make a birthday banner.

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Link Round-up: Hand Sanitizer, a Caramel Pumpkin Milkshake, DIY Earrings, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a DIY hand sanitizer, a caramel pumpkin milkshake recipe, DIY earrings, and more.

Crafts by Amanda showed us how to use transfer paper for crafts.

Seasoned Homemaker shared a recipe for a DIY natural alcohol-free hand sanitizer.

Life with the Crust Off shared a recipe for a caramel pumpkin milkshake.

Carlsbad Cravings gave us a recipe for a mango coconut Oreo fudge crème ice cream box cake.

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A Beautiful Mess shared a how-to for flower-embellished photo art.

Kimberly Snyder taught us how to make natural cleaning products.

Crafty Journal taught us how to make glittery fall leaf earrings.

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Spa Wisdom™ Polynesia Monoi Miracle Oil Lives Up to Its Name

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I tried the Spa Wisdom™ Polynesia Monoi Oil on a whim because I was looking for something more natural than my regular lotions to use on my skin, and plain coconut oil felt too heavy as the weather was warming up.

This is a mix of coconut, sweet almond, sesame, and bertholletia oils. There’s fragrance added, as well as tiare flower (Tahitian gardenia) extract, but the scent on your skin is pretty faint after a little while.

If you’ve ever smelled Estee Lauder’s Beyond Paradise perfume, it’s similar—tropical and floral—but not nearly as strong.

So far, I’ve only used it on my skin after my shower and in my hair (damp and dry), but I have no doubt it performs well as a conditioner, massage oil, or bath oil based on the way it made my skin and hair feel.

I was just looking for something that wasn’t too expensive or chemical-laden to put on my body, but I noticed over time that my stretch marks had all but disappeared. (They came back later when I stopped using it for awhile due to sheer laziness—I still hate taking the time to put lotion/oil on my body, no matter how much good it does me, so this isn’t a permanent solution.) The bottle says nothing about doing anything for stretch marks or scars, so I was floored when I looked in the mirror one day and noticed they were barely visible.

As for hair, it’s easy to weigh your strands down when you put too much of this on them, so don’t use much at a time.

Oddly enough, I found that it worked much better when I put it in dry hair than damp. My hair was less likely to look oily when I put it on dry hair. Usually the opposite is true. It felt softer, smelled amazing (I love gardenias), and was a lot more manageable. It disguises ends that should’ve been cut months ago, too.

I absolutely love this stuff and recommend it to everyone I can. Look for it on sale, though, because The Body Shop always has good ones.

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Want an Adventure? Try Crest Chocolate Mint Trek Toothpaste

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Never one to turn down a harmless little adventure, I picked up the Crest Chocolate Mint Trek toothpaste the last time I was looking for a small tube to keep in the downstairs bathroom. I thought it would come in handy for my daughter to use on the mornings we were in too much of a rush for her to trudge back upstairs to brush her teeth in her own bathroom.

I’m still on the fence about it. On one hand, I love that it’s so weird. On the other hand, I’m not sure I like brushing my teeth with something that tastes like a cookie, so maybe I also dislike that it’s so weird. (Yes, I tried it. Ha! The delicious smell intrigued me when my daughter used it, and I’ll try anything that says chocolate on the label.)

My daughter feels the same way, but she really likes plain mint toothpaste. That makes me think this could be a good option for a child who feels like mint is too strong but has outgrown a lot of the “kid” toothpastes that taste like bubblegum.

Despite the cookie similarities, it does make your mouth feel fresher and cleaner than the bubblegum ones.

It’s an interesting experience to say the least, and I recommend looking for the small tubes if you’re not sure you want to commit to a full-size one. Even if you do have to go with the full-size, you’re only out around $3.99.

I think it’s worth trying at least once, just for fun, and if you’re not a fan of regular mint or cinnamon toothpastes, this could be a good all-the-time option.

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Rainbow Light Multivitamins Are a Convenient Way to Enjoy the Benefits of Probiotics

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If you’re looking for a multivitamin with the added benefit of probiotics, Rainbow Light’s food-based multivitamins are one economical option to consider. Recently, I purchased their Women’s One Multivitamin to replace my separate multivitamin and probiotic supplements.

The Women’s One Multivitamin from Rainbow Light is gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, dairy-free, wheat free, and yeast-free to be safe for people with a variety of allergies. It contains no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

The Women’s One Multivitamin from Rainbow Light has:

  • 200 mg of calcium support strong bones and teeth
  • 800 IU of vitamin D3, 100 mg of magnesium, and 100 mcg of vitamin K to promote bone, breast and immune health
  • 5,000 IU of vitamin A, 120 mg of vitamin C, and 30 IU of vitamin E to promote skin, eye and immune health while boosting your metabolism
  • A potent vitamin B complex for energy and brain health
  • 125 mg of a special women’s nourishing blend that combines superfood organic spirulina with concentrated herbal extract of dong quai and red clover to promote energy and hormone balance
  • Concentrated beet, kale, and spinach juices for a natural energy boost
  • Plant-source enzymes and 25 million probiotics to enhance digestion without causing stomach upset

If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll be pleased to hear that Rainbow Light Multivitamins are very affordable. I purchased mine online from Amazon and they were half the combined cost of the vitamin and probiotic we had been taking previously.

The only thing I don’t like about these vitamins is the size. If you have trouble swallowing pills, they are quite large. Rainbow Light does make a gummy prenatal vitamin and a chewable children’s vitamin, so these products might be an option to consider if you have trouble with larger pills.

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MediSafe Makes It Easier to Prevent Unplanned Pregnancies

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If you’re relying on the pill to prevent unplanned pregnancy and have trouble remembering to take your daily dose, MediSafe can help. This top rated medication reminder app recently released a new version with special reminder schedules for every type of birth control pill (including placebos).

Although the idea of using an app to remind you to take your pill might seem silly, MediSafe reports that users relying on the app for birth control pill reminders reported taking their medication 94% of the time. This is 23 points higher than the national average.

Since missing even just one pill can increase the odds of an unplanned pregnancy, this is a significant improvement. (Every time you forget to take a pill, you must use another form of birth control until you finish the pill pack. However, if you’re a busy mom, you may very well have unprotected sex before you even realize that you missed a pill.)

The MediSafe app autocompletes newly entered medications.  It shows you a pop-up for the medication, asking them if you want to set a special schedule for it.  Women can choose cycles like 24+4 (Yasmin, Yaz), 21+7 (Ortho Tri-Cyclen), and eight others.  If desired, you can select reminders for placebo pills on break days and enter the day that your current cycle began in order to see a counter for “days since first pill.”

Visit the MediSafe website to learn more about this unique free app or to find out how to download it for your device.

If you’re a pill user who struggles to remember every dose, what do you think of this idea? Would a medication reminder app get you back on track?

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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Toothbrush?

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Did you know that you’re supposed to replace your toothbrush every three months? If you’re overdue for a new toothbrush, consider upgrading your oral care routine with one of the Reach Complete Care Triple Angle toothbrushes.

This new product line features patent-pending Triple Angle bristle technology that maximizes the vertical surface contact between the brush and your teeth to increase plaque removal.

The Complete Care Triple Angle Floss brush has 100% interdental tapered bristles for better reach between your teeth. The Complete Care Triple Angle Pro product has multi-level diamond bristles for a total mouth clean. Both are available with soft, medium, or firm bristles.

Although I didn’t notice much of a difference between the Floss and Pro brushes, I did notice a difference when comparing the Triple Angle (left, straight, and right) bristle technology to an ordinary toothbrush.

Since both my husband and I aren’t nearly as diligent at flossing as we should be, I feel like this product helps make up for some of our shortcomings. (It’s not intended to take the place of flossing completely, however.)

The Reach Complete Care toothbrushes are available in one and two count packs. The suggested retail price is $3.99 for a single toothbrush and $5.99 for the two count value pack. Reach Complete Care toothbrushes can be found nationwide at retailers such as Walgreens, Kroger, Walmart, and Rite-Aid.

If you need a little help remembering the three month toothbrush replacement rule, you can sign up for a text message reminder program at

Disclaimer: Product samples were provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of preparing this review.

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A Natural Alternative to Petroleum Jelly

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Petroleum jelly, the main ingredient in Vaseline and other similar products, is actually a byproduct of oil refining that was first found coating the bottom of oil rigs in the mid-1800s. For those concerned about sustainability, this means that petroleum jelly is as non-eco friendly as it gets.

As far as potentially harmful chemicals go, some of the components removed from oil during the process of refining petroleum jelly are carcinogenic. Vaseline is triple-refined and purified to remove these components, but other brands may not be as pure.

If you love the beauty benefits of petroleum jelly, but want a more natural alternative, Waxelene is a great option to consider. This eco-friendly sustainable petroleum jelly substitute is made from a blend of organic soy oil, beeswax, non-GMO vitamin E oil, and organic rosemary oil.  It contains no parabens and is not tested on animals.

Waxelene_Lip_Balm_Tube_0Waxelene has the same rich texture that petroleum jelly is known for and can be used in just the same way. For example:

  • Use a dab in your hair to prevent flyaways or to moisturize split ends.
  • Use it to control unruly eyebrows.
  • Soften sharp cuticles.
  • Use to remove mascara and dark eye makeup.
  • Use when exercising to protect yourself from chafing, friction, and/or windburn.
  • Apply to baby’s scalp to treat cradle cap.
  • Use to reduce diaper or skin irritation on baby’s sensitive skin.

Waxelene comes in a lip tube, 2 ounce jar, or 9 ounce jar. Visit the Waxelene website for details.

Disclaimer: Product samples were provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of preparing this review.

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