Link Roundup: Cute Cake, a Halloween Serving Bowl, a Spooky Manicure, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a cute cake, a DIY Halloween serving bowl, places to visit this fall, and more.

Polka Dot Chair showed us how to make a DIY Halloween serving bowl.

Handmade Charlotte showed us how to make a cake that looks like the sun.

Love, Maegan shared her DIY spooky ghost manicure.

Instructables taught us how to make a berry picker from scrap.

link ru marble vase

Poppy Talk showed us how to create a marble effect on a vase.

Mind Body Green showed us 10 jaw-dropping places to visit this fall.

Tater Tots and Jello showed us how to make a monster potato salad for Halloween.

Photo credit: Polka Dot Chair and Poppy Talk

The Body Shop’s Detangling Comb Is Perfect After a Bath

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The thing I’ve always dreaded the most about giving my daughter a bath or shower is the hair combing that always has to happen afterwards.

She screams, accuses me of trying to kill her (seriously), puts her hands up in the way, and totally loses her mind for the few minutes it takes to get the tangles out (de-tangling spray and pre-shower brushing can only do so much).

After reading some reviews, I went to the Body Shop and picked up their wooden detangling comb. It’s made from birch wood. I think it’s interesting that it isn’t just another generic plastic comb—those tend to rip my hair out, and I don’t struggle against combing the way my daughter does.

The wide-toothed style of this comb detangles without causing a lot of breakage. I can imagine it’d be good on any hair type. My daughter and I both have a lot of hair, but It’s very fine. It works for us.

I noticed one warning that showed up over and over again in the reviews I read. Don’t leave it in water.

That sounds pretty obvious since it’s a wooden comb, but if you like to comb conditioner through your hair in the shower, it’s not so far-fetched to think it’s easy to leave it behind in a small puddle of water inside the shower.  The comb will lose its shape and break when you try to bend it back.

Overall, I think this is a very good comb for anyone to use, and if you shop during one of the frequent sales the Body Shop runs, you’ll probably be able to get it for much less than its regular price of $7.00.

Photo credit: The Body Shop

Link Round-up: More Money, Guilt-Free Cake, DIY Detergent, and More

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Today’s link round-up has ways to manifest more money, guilt-free chocolate cake, DIY laundry detergent, and more.

Chocolate Covered Katie taught us how to make a 100-calorie chocolate cake.

Mind Body Green shared steps to manifest more money.

Living Well Spending Less taught us how to create a morning routine that works.

link ru laundry detergent recipe

My Own Home Blog shared a recipe for laundry detergent that only has three ingredients.

Halifax Bloggers shared how to really get rid of fruit flies.

Mini Monets and Mommies showed us how to make Halloween monster s’mores.

Domestically Blissful shared a recipe for roasted corn white cheddar chowder.

Photo credit: Chocolate Covered Katie and My Own Home Blog

Link Round-up: Makeup Review, Save on Disney Vacations, Stay Healthy, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a makeup review, tips for saving on a Disney vacation, tips for staying healthy, recipes, and more.

Tastefully Frugal shared a recipe for eggplant Parmesan.

Mind Body Green has eight tips for staying healthy when you’re crazy busy.

Oh She Glows shared a recipe for raspberry chia seed jam and oat crumble squares (they’re gluten-free).

Living Well Spending Less shared 20 ways to save money on a Disney vacation.

link ru diy felt banner

Kenarry showed us how to make a birthday banner.

Pursebuzz reviewed the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics palette.

Cupcakes and Cashmere talked about how the five love languages changed her relationship.

Photo credit: Tastefully Frugal and Kenarry

The Little Miss Matched Scooter Is Cute, Foldable and Affordable

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My daughter outgrew her Disney Princess scooter a long time ago, so we finally bought her a new one.

We looked at all the options at Toys R Us and found that most of the ones that were the right style and size for my almost-seven year old were much more expensive. This one was regularly priced at $39.99, but marked down to $34.99 while many of the others were around $50.00 or even $60.00.

I couldn’t find a good reason why.

We went with this brightly colored, foldable scooter with the character we’d never heard of on it, and took it to the park about an hour later. If there was any assembly required at all, it was minimal and ready to go within minutes (my husband unpacked it).

It’s fast, with a thinner base than the old scooter had (the old one had three wheels for stability, so that’s where the wider base came in). It’s lightweight, plus it’s foldable, so even though it’s already small, you can fold it in half and fit it in the car with no problems. It’s foldable, but it seems just as sturdy as other models.

The colors are so fun, and if your child loves bright toys, this is the one to pick up. All the neon colors on a white background make this eye-catching, and probably a little more fun to ride. Even the handles are two different colors.

There’s a matching 20-inch bike, too, so if you’re in the market for both, it might be a winning combination.

Photo credit: Toys R Us

Mara Mi Note Cards Are a Stylish, Cute Way to Send a Handwritten Note

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Handwritten notes aren’t nearly common enough anymore. Wouldn’t you agree? Unless it’s Christmas or maybe even a birthday, there’s little chance I’m going to see anyone’s actual handwriting.

Don’t get me wrong, I love email and Facebook, but there’s something special about getting a cute little card in the mail with a personalized note inside.

Two years ago, I made an announcement on Facebook. I was going to stop feeling guilty for keeping all that holiday cheer to myself, and I was going to send out Christmas cards. It was a New Year’s resolution. I was going to do better with handwritten communication.

Flash forward two years, and those cards were never sent. Until yesterday.

I picked up a box of 15 blank Mara Mi note cards for around $7.00 (mine are metallic leopard print, but I didn’t see those on the Target website), and I turned those would-be Christmas cards into random “Have an Awesome Day” cards. Not quite the same, but maybe better since they were unexpected.

I’m actually ridiculously happy to have found the Mara Mi selection. I think there’s something there for everyone. There are blank cards, thank you notes, invitations, etc., and there are so many patterns, prints, and colors available. The selection is better in stores than on the Target website.

I like these better than full-size cards because sometimes you just want to drop a quick note in the mail to say you’re thinking of someone, but you don’t have enough to say to fill up the whole empty space inside of a regular blank card.

It seems a little more informal than choosing a card with a fitting picture or even text inside, too. You can just keep a box of the note cards on your desk and send one out when you feel like it, rather than trudging through the drugstore aisles with your kids in tow, hoping the perfect card pops out at you right off the bat.

I wouldn’t send one of these for a holiday or a birthday, obviously, but I love having them around for spur-of-the-moment little notes. I’ll be buying more.

Photo credit: Target

Link Round-up: Hand Sanitizer, a Caramel Pumpkin Milkshake, DIY Earrings, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a DIY hand sanitizer, a caramel pumpkin milkshake recipe, DIY earrings, and more.

Crafts by Amanda showed us how to use transfer paper for crafts.

Seasoned Homemaker shared a recipe for a DIY natural alcohol-free hand sanitizer.

Life with the Crust Off shared a recipe for a caramel pumpkin milkshake.

Carlsbad Cravings gave us a recipe for a mango coconut Oreo fudge crème ice cream box cake.

link ru flower embellished photo

A Beautiful Mess shared a how-to for flower-embellished photo art.

Kimberly Snyder taught us how to make natural cleaning products.

Crafty Journal taught us how to make glittery fall leaf earrings.

Photo credit: Crafts by Amanda and A Beautiful Mess

The Jordana Twist and Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain Is Fantastic

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Sometimes I feel like I’m venturing into makeup snob territory, going to Sephora for the most basic cosmetic necessities in search of the next best thing. That doesn’t mean I don’t absolutely love it when I find a total gem in the drugstore (and I should really slow down some more on my Sephora habit anyway).

The Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain is one of the best lip products I’ve tried in a while, high end and low end combined. Specifically, the color Honey Love (I went back later and got Rock N Rouge, which is less versatile on me, but still pretty and long-wearing).

It comes in eight colors, most of them neutrals with a couple of brights thrown in.

The product melds with your lips, so it looks natural, but the color is definitely there. Honey Love looks like a better version of my own lip color.

It feels like chapstick going on and leaves a light layer of moisture on your lips. It’s easy to apply since it comes in a chubby pencil form. You can follow the shape of your lips without worrying about lip liner.

The most phenomenal thing about this stuff aside from the $2.99 price tag, though, is that it lasts for hours! Sometimes I’ll go to reapply it and find out it’s still on my lips.

Does it smudge off on the lid of my coffee cup? Yes. But somehow it leaves a stain behind that can last about half the day. It starts off glossy and goes to more of a stained finish.

If you’re worried about how to sharpen it based on the pictures, don’t worry about it. You simply twist it up.

Photo credit: Jordana

Link Round-up: Recipes, Stained Glass, Moving When You Have Kids, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a few delicious recipes, a stained glass project with glue, tips for moving when you have children, and a couple of DIY projects.

Chocolate Covered Katie showed us how to make a chocolate banana bread bowl.

Carlsbad Cravings shared a recipe for baked buffalo popcorn chicken with creamy honey buffalo dip.

Create Craft Love showed us how to decorate with corn husks.

link ru halloween door hanger

Crafts by Amanda showed us how to make a Halloween door hanger.

I Love to Create Blog taught us how to make a faux stained glass with glue and leaves.

Almost Unschoolers shared tips for packing up memories when you move with children.

Sister’s Suitcase Blog taught us how to make Muppets pencil toppers.

Photo credit: Chocolate Covered Katie and Crafts by Amanda