Help Your Kids Create an Imaginary World

In The Imaginary World of…, Keri Smith prompts readers to create a world that is filled with the things they love—the books, movies, music, colors,…

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summer workout picks

Video: Can’t Take the Heat? Must-Have Cool Summer Workout Gadgets

Temperatures spike in the summer, but that is no reason to skip out on exercise. Our fitness expert, Nicole Glor, shares her favorite summertime workout…

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Princess Cupcake Jones Calms First Day of School Jitters

If you have a daughter who is worried about starting school, Princess Cupcake Jones Won’t Go to School may help calm her fears. In this…

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A Bilingual Picture Book to Encourage Your Child to Stay Active

Studies have shown that the early years are when children are best equipped to learn a second language, so it’s never too soon to start…

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