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Melissa & Doug Temporary Jewelry Tattoos Make Dress Up Time More Fun

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If you have a little girl who loves to play dress up, Melissa & Doug’s collection of temporary jewelry tattoos is sure to be a hit.

For a little over $5, you can get more than 130 temporary tattoos designed to look like real jewelry. There are watches, earrings, bracelets, rings, and more in a variety of colorful, kid-friendly designs.

girl with tattoosThe Melissa & Doug temporary jewelry tattoos come on four sheets that are perforated for easy removal. They can be applied with a wet paper towel and removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil.

If you want to play with the temporary tattoos as well, make a cute surprise for your daughter’s lunchbox by applying temporary tattoos to a banana. This is easy to do and sure to bring a smile to any kid’s face!

Temporary tattoos can also be applied to party balloons or disposable plastic cups to add a festive touch to a birthday party or sleepover.

You can purchase the Melissa & Doug jewelry temporary tattoos on Amazon. They also have a package of general girl themed designs like butterflies and ballerinas and a collection of temporary tattoos for boys featuring animals and sports motifs.

Do your kids love temporary tattoos? What do you think of this collection?

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Link Round-up: Treats, a DIY Planter, Relationship Tips, and More

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Today’s link round-up has lots of treats, a colored planter, and tips for relationships and parenting.

Chocolate Covered Katie showed us how to make an avocado chocolate cake.

Mind Body Green shared seven relationship tips that can do more harm than good.

Pint Sized Baker showed us how to make acorn brownie pops.

link ru diy pvc wall planter

A Beautiful Mess showed us how to make a colored planter from PVC pipe.

Hungry Happenings taught us how to make Halloween Oreo cookie pops.

Life a Little Brighter showed us how to make a two-ingredient chocolate hazelnut braid.

Play Dates on Fridays shared some wisdom picked up over a decade of parenting.

Photo credit: Chocolate Covered Katie and A Beautiful Mess

Link Round-up: Happiness, Introversion, Halloween Treats and Crafts, and More

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Today’s link round-up has tips for work happiness, introversion, Halloween treats and crafts, and more.

Chocolate Covered Katie shared a recipe for pumpkin pie chocolate truffles.

Mind Body Green shares tips for finding happiness at work even if you don’t like your job.

Hungry Happenings showed us how to make pumpkin spice jack-o-lantern Rice Krispie treats.

link ru felt masks

A Beautiful Mess showed us how to make woodland creature felt masks for dress-up.

Mommy Snippets offered a homemade sore throat remedy.

Life a Little Brighter gathered 10 easy dinner ideas.

Play Dates on Fridays had a guest post that discussed what it’s like being an introverted parent.

Photo credit: Chocolate Covered Katie and A Beautiful Mess

Link Round-up: Magic Potions, Pumpkins, and More

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Today’s link round-up has magic potion jar decorations, a cookie recipe, a pumpkin decorating idea, and more.

About Family Crafts showed us how to create magic potion jar decorations.

Bombshell Bling shared a recipe for Halloween Oreo-stuffed double chocolate cookies.

Uncommon Designs Online taught us how to make a Halloween candy wreath.

link ru rock bottom price list

Living Well Spending Less showed us how to create a rock bottom price list.

Organized 31 showed us how to make deviled egg eyeballs.

Dollar Store Crafts shared 10 grown-up leaf crafts for fall.

DIY Inspired shared a spooky stagecoach pumpkin idea.

Photo credit: About Family Crafts and Living Well Spending Less

Link Round-up: Halloween Inspiration and More!

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Today’s link round-up has tons of Halloween inspiration! There’s a spider web lamp shade, costumes for kids, a table runner, and more.

Uncommon Designs Online shared a recipe for caramel popcorn marshmallow treats.

Muslin and Merlot showed us how to make a spider web lamp shade.

About Family Crafts showed us 36 no-sew costumes for kids.

link ru decorate with what you have

Living Well Spending Less showed us 10 ways to decorate with things you already have on hand.

Bombshell Bling showed us how to make a Halloween table runner.

Yesterday on Tuesday showed us 20 dollar store organizing ideas.

Organized 31 showed us who to make DIY mummy candy bar wrappers.

Photo credit: Uncommon Designs Online and Living Well Spending Less

Link Round-up: Home Maintenance, Halloween Crafts, Beauty Buys, and More

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Today’s link roundup has reasons for a home maintenance checklist, Halloween crafts and snacks, plus some beauty buys you just might need.

Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons taught us how to make cute pumpkin snack bags.

Makeup and Beauty Blog showed us a much less expensive dupe for one of the best eyeliners on the market.

Crafty Journal taught us how to make a milk jug ghost.

link ru home maintenance

Kenarry gave us reasons to have a home maintenance checklist.

Crafts by Amanda showed us how to make a cute paper plate ghost.

Create Craft Love taught us how to make ice cream sandwich monsters—yum!

Cupcakes and Cashmere shared her top six beauty buys.

Photo credit: Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons and Kenarry

Skybonz Lets Your Child Create a Colorful Playroom Mobile

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If you have a child who likes to build and has a very vivid imagination, the Skybonz building set is a fun way to encourage creativity as well as problem solving skills.

We encountered this toy in the children’s play area of a local art museum. The set features 60 different plastic parts that can be joined together to make various monsters. The different monsters can be hung to make a completed mobile display.

skybonz 02This set reminded me of a more grown up version of Mr. Potato Head. With so many different parts to choose from, there were lots of possible combinations for my son to try.

It was also quite challenging to figure out what needed to be added or subtracted to make the different part so the finished mobile would balance properly.

The finished mobile is a bright and colorful decoration for your child’s bedroom or play space. The museum we visited had two finished mobiles hung up in the front lobby for visitors to look at. This was a high traffic area, but they easily survived the jostling around.

As a mom, I like the idea that this toy can be built and rebuilt into various combinations. I also love that it shows off your child’s creativity in a unique way, instead of simply being one more box of plastic doodads to pick up when playtime is over.

Skybonz works with other Bonz building toy sets as well. Skybonz has received several toy awards, including being named Toy of the Year by Parenting and a Creative Child Magazine Top Creative Toy Award Winner.

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Just When You Thought Princess Costumes Couldn’t Get Any Better…

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My daughter’s obsessed with everything Disney Princesses. I’ve seen my fair share of costumes. Some are cute, while others just aren’t so great.

I’ve seen some pretty amazing ones over the years, but I just found some that really takes it up a notch. I didn’t think costumes could exceed some of the ones I’d already seen, but the ForYouWithLuv shop on Etsy just proved me wrong. The bar has been raised.

These Disney Princess costumes (like the Anna one above) combine the general “feel” of a traditional costume—but then they use tulle, so the skirt is a tutu. The cape is tulle, too, adding an extra dash of girliness to an already adorable take on the younger Frozen sister’s costume.

Sizes go up to a size 10, and prices start at $28.00. Having bought several princess costumes in the past few years, that seems like a reasonable price to me.

This is also fantastic news for older (or just taller) girls. My daughter can’t wear many of the costumes sold in the Disney store (at least not the one near me) anymore, since she’s tall for her age. The interest in dressing up is still there, but the size options just aren’t. They stopped fitting at least a year or two ago.

If you like the idea of these tutu dress costumes, but Anna’s not your character of choice, check out the other options in the shop. There’s Elsa, Snow White, Ariel, Tinkerbell, and more (even superheroes and Hello Kitty!).

Photo credit: ForYouWithLuv on Etsy

Link Round-up: a Starry Lantern, a Tardis Headboard, Halloween Crowns, and More

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Today’s link round-up has a starry lantern DIY, a Tardis headboard, Halloween paper crowns, and more.

Pink When showed us how to make a DIY chalkboard “BOO” garland.

Handmade Charlotte shared some ideas for decorating kids’ rooms with textiles.

Two Delighted showed us how to make a starry lantern.

link ru halloween party crowns

Polka Dot Chairs showed us how to make Halloween paper party crowns.

Instructables taught us how to make a Tardis headboard.

Mind Body Green shared a recipe for fudgey brownies with fall spices.

Tater Tots and Jello shared some free Halloween printables.

Photo credit: Meatloaf and Melodrama for Pink When and Polka Dot Chair