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Natalie Baca Designs Cute Abstract Print for Baby’s Nursery

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Carefully chosen artwork is the best way to pull together any room, but finding modern prints for baby’s nursery can be a challenge.

This abstract giraffe print was recently featured in the “Designer Bags & Dirty Diapers” blog as part of a little girl’s nursery decor scheme. Taken from one of Baca’s original paintings, it is perfect for a nursery, playroom, or family room.

The artwork is a  gallery quality Giclée print on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper. It is printed using Epson K3 archival inks and is custom trimmed with 1″ border for framing. However, the listing is for the print only. No frame is included.

Primarily self-taught, Natalie Baca has been a featured artist on HGTV and won a 2013 t-shirt design contest sponsored by singers, entrepreneurs and sisters Jessica and Ashlee Simpson to benefit Jessica Seinfeld’s charity, Baby Buggy. “I try to create designs that are on the edge of funky, yet still very versatile,” Baca said.

Baca’s brand Studio 2 encompasses the idea of original art and fun as applied to everyday items. “To create something that’s not only appealing to someone’s eye, but also useful in his/her own home, gives me great pleasure,” she said.

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RaZbaby’s Vaporizer on the Go Soothes Your Little One During Cold and Flu Season

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With cold and flu season upon us, moms with little ones will certainly want to consider adding RaZbaby’s Vaporizer on the Go to their home first aid kit!

This handy new product clips onto the front of your baby’s pacifier to release calming aromatic scents. Use the eucalyptus scent to open up nasal passages or choose lavender to help soothe your baby to sleep. The scents are made from pure essential oils and will last for up to 12 hours.

The product conforms to US Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements and is BPA free with plastic made in the USA. It does not require any batteries or plugs to use.

The RaZbaby Vaporizer on the Go sells for $7.99 and is available online or at select retailers nationwide. It comes with one eucalyptus and one lavender refill pad. The refill pads sell for $5.99 for a package of four, although I suspect you could save some money if you just add a few drops of essential oil to the current pad.

My son didn’t seem to like pacifiers much when he was a baby, but we loved using aromatherapy diffusers to help him breathe better when he was ill. If your baby takes a pacifier, I think this is an excellent way to give him some relief when he’s not feeling well.

Have you had a chance to try out the RaZbaby Vaporizer on the Go for your little one? If so, what do you think of this product?

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Lifenest Breathable Bumpers Are a Safer Alternative to Traditional Crib Bumpers

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When outfitting baby’s nursery, you may find yourself wondering what to do about a crib bumper. Although crib bumpers may protect babies from entanglement and injuries, studies have found that traditional crib bumpers are unsafe because they can cause suffocation.

The Lifenest Breathable Bumper was designed by an experienced pediatrician to provide the benefits of a traditional crib bumper without the potential safety risk.

The Lifenest Breathable Bumper is completely quilted and padded. It is designed to reduce the risk of suffocation and increase airflow to reduce the rebreathing of carbon dioxide and help your baby sleep more peacefully.

The product has earned the Greenguard Gold Certification, which means it has met strict standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. It contains no chemical fire retardant and is shipped in BPA and phthalate free packaging.

Many crib bumpers don’t fit well, but the Lifenest Breathable Bumper covers all four sides of the crib and tucks below the mattress so it stay securely in place. You can use the safety ribbons to keep the bumper attached to the crib slats.

And, when your baby is a bit older, the bumper is designed to collapse to keep curious little ones from using it as a step to climb outside the crib.

The hypoallergenic Lifenest Breathable Bumper comes in five colors: cream, pink, blue, green, and white. The bumpers are padded for baby’s comfort and feature a soft fabric with a high end look. As an added bonus, the Lifenest Breathable Bumper is machine washable for easy cleaning.

The Lifenest Breathable Bumper sells for $49.99. It can be purchased at Babies “R” Us, Amazon, and other select retailers nationwide. To learn more, please visit

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Do Your Kids Get Enough DHA?

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What is DHA, you ask, and why does my kid need it? Glad you asked! DHA stands for docosahexaenoic acid (yep, that’s why they use DHA instead). It’s an omega-3 fatty acid that is a building block of the human brain, skin, retina and other pretty important body parts. And – you guessed it – your kiddos need it to support brain development.

Now it’s not that hard to get DHA into your diet – just eat lots of cold water fatty fish like mackerel, tuna, halibut or salmon. Doctors recommend kids eat fish at least twice a week to get the recommended amount of DHA into their diet. In fact, some studies have found that low DHA levels may impact reading, memory and behavior.

Your kid not a big mackerel fan? Then you could try DHA supplements like omega-3 fish oil pills. Scientists have found that DHA supplementation early in life increases intelligence as kids get older. If you have an infant you’ll find DHA is included in some baby formulas. And don’t forget DHA supplements when you are pregnant – many doctors think that the positive impact of DHA likely begins in utero.

However you work it into your children’s diet, DHA is just as important as the other vitamins and minerals your child is getting.

A Clever Way to Protect Against Diaper Blowouts

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Are diaper blowouts driving you crazy? If so, you need the Blowout Blocker!

This unique baby accessory is an extension to a standard diaper that reaches up the back of the baby to protect against soiling clothes, bedding, car seats, and carpets with up-the-back diaper messes.

The Blowout Blocker was created by Melanie Miller, a mom of three boys who was tired of dealing with messy diaper blowouts. After a lot of experimenting, she came up with the Blowout Blocker to save parents from the hassle of cleaning up a diaper blowout.

Made in the USA, the Blowout Blocker features a smooth stay-dry, 100% polyester athletic mesh inner layer that works to pull moisture away from baby’s skin. A water resistant 100% Polyester PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) outer layer locks in moisture to keep baby as comfy as possible.

The product is recommended for newborns to age nine months.

The Blowout Blocker can be purchased from the Baby Blowout Blocker website. The product is available in blue, green, purple, yellow, brown, white, and pink. Single Blowout Blockers are $12.95, but money-saving multiple packs are available.

We didn’t have a lot of nasty blowouts with my son, but I can see how a product like this would come in handy if you were traveling on a family road trip and wanted a little extra assurance that your baby’s car seat would stay clean on the way to your destination. Taking apart my son’s car seat to clean it was one of my least favorite parenting tasks during the early years!

What do you think of the Blowout Blocker? Would you buy a product like this for your baby?

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BaBaBurpie Lets You Burp Baby in Style

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Burp cloths are one of those things a new mother can never have enough of! Unless you love doing laundry and have enough clothes that you can change your shirt every time baby spits up on you, you’ll want to make sure you’re never without a burp cloth.

I had pretty basic burp cloths when my son was little, but the BaBaBurpies burp cloths are adorable if you’re looking for a bit of an upgrade.

BaBaBurpies are made from 100% cotton diaper cloths and about the size of a placemat. The patterned portion is sewn as a second layer of the burp cloth.

They are very thick compared to other burp cloths, super absorbent, and soft to the touch. Once you’re past the spit-up stage, you could easily use them to mop up spilled apple juice or milk during mealtimes or tidy up any of the other messes that children tend to make!

The BaBaBurpie cloths come in a variety of cute patterns that are perfect for both boys and girls. Most of the BaBaBurpie cloths match the patterns featured on the company’s LaLaLounger pillows, if you’re the type of mom who likes to have all your baby gear coordinate. (Click here to read Smart Mom Picks’ review of the LaLaLounger. This is a super useful product for kids of all ages!)

Visit the LaLaLounger website to see the full collection of BaBaBurpie cloth designs.The BaBaBurpie burp cloths sell for $12.50 each, so they’d also be a fairly affordable baby shower gift idea.

Disclaimer: Product samples were provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of preparing this review.

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Mustachifier Bandana Bibs Are a Must-Have Accessory for Your Baby

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If there’s one thing every baby needs, it’s a ton of baby bibs! Bandana Bibs are the new must-have fashion accessory for your baby. These playful bibs protect against dribbles and spills, while adding a pop of color to your son or daughter’s wardrobe.

The Bandana Bibs are recommended for children ages 0-2. They are double layered for extra absorption, feature a convenient velcro closure, and are machine washable for easy clean up. The front is made from 100% cotton and the back is 100% polyester. The bibs are PVC, BPA, and Phthalate free.

There are two sets of Bandana Bibs, each featuring three colors. The first set contains red, yellow, and blue bibs. The second set contains pink, purple, and mint bibs. The suggested retail price for each set of three bibs is $19.99.

Bandana Bibs are made by Mustachifier, a baby lifestyle brand founded by Jason and Alyssa Feinberg after they struggled to find cute yet safe accessories for their young children. Mustachifier’s first hit was the Mustache Pacifier, which took the world by storm in 2013. The Mustachifier was an instant hit, selling out in its first month of production and earning a place as the best-selling pacifier on

I think the Bandana Bibs would be perfect for summer picnics and other casual outdoor events. Top a white onesie and tiny little blue jeans with a Bandana Bib and your little one will be the talk of the party!

What do you think of the Mustachifier Bandana Bibs? Would you purchase these for your baby?

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PackIt Bottle Holder Makes It Easy to Keep Baby Bottles Cool During the Summer Months

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Keeping your baby’s bottle cool during summer trips to the park or pool doesn’t have to be difficult. PackIt, best known as the maker of reusable lunch bags, has introduced a new baby bottle cooler that easily chills bottles without the use of any additional ice packs.

The gel lined walls of the PackIt keep bottles and baby food cold for up to six hours. When empty, the PackIt folds flat for easy storage in your freezer. The buckle handle clips easily onto diaper bags or strollers and the interior easily wipes clean. The PackIt is PVC, BPA, phthalate, and lead free.

The PackIt baby bottle cooler sells for $18.99. It comes in three colors: a plain black, a multicolored chevron stripe, and a navy with rainbow polka dots. Dimensions are 6” x 9” x 4” (6” x 6” x 2” folded).

Although I have not personally tried the PackIt bottle holder, my son has a PackIt lunch bag for school that we’ve used for several years now. It does a great job of keeping his lunch cold until it is ready to be eaten and I love that I don’t need to mess with separate ice packs when I’m preparing a lunch.

If I had an infant, I’d definitely consider buying a bottle cooler. The bottle cooler is a little larger than a regular PackIt, but I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t use the baby bottle cooler for lunch or snacks once your child is older.

Visit the PackIt website for additional information.

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Dot & Co Unveils Foxy and Friends Collection

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British organic babywear brand Dot & Co recently made its American debut at Playtime New York with a Foxy and Friends line that’s perfect for your little one’s wardrobe.

The Foxy and Friends collection features a gender neutral print with adorable little foxes and woodland trees. Like other Dot & Co baby clothes, everything in the line is made from soft organic cotton that is chemical free and certified by the Soil Association.

Dot & Co’s footed bodysuits have been designed with integral mitts to keep hands warm and stop little ones from scratching. The hats are double lined to ensure extra warmth. There are no scratchy labels to irritate baby’s skin. Dot & Co designs are currently available for babies ages 0 – 18 months.

What I like most about the Foxy and Friends line is that the hats and bibs are reversible. If you’re not in the mood for a bright pattern, you can switch to a plain white version. This gives you two looks in one, thus providing the most bang for your fashion buck.

Visit the Dot & Co website to purchase the items in the Foxy and Friends Collection.

“Our designs are unique for their distinctive prints, practical designs and their ethically sourced softer than soft cotton. We have been delighted in the reaction and feedback Dot & Co has received from customers and are already exploring opportunities for developing the brand further, ” said Annie Coherton, Dot & Co’s founder.

Photo credit: Dot & Co