SO Delicious Coconut Milk Nog Lives Up to Its Name

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so delicious coconut milk nog

This stuff really is “so delicious.” If you love eggnog but you can’t have dairy like me, you’re going to want to pick some of this SO Delicious Coconut Milk Nog up. To me, it doesn’t taste like it has any obvious coconut flavor in it, despite being coconut milk-based. It just tastes like regular eggnog to me.

There’s less fat and protein in this version of eggnog than there is in the regular kind, so if you like to cook with it, keep in mind that it may react differently. My husband likes to make eggnog bread and it’s incredible, but he claims this won’t work. I’m not sure what the sugar content’s like in regular eggnog, but this has 14 g per ½ cup.

With normal eggnog, I would normally cut it about half and half with regular milk. If you’re sensitive to dairy, that’s not an option and I’m not sure how cutting this with plain coconut or almond milk would taste. I drank it straight and it was fine, but it was a little thick and sweet for my preferences.

I’m still not exactly going to let it go to waste. It’s still-delicious! I enjoy adding it to my coffee in the mornings for something a little different, since flavored creamers and syrups aren’t that good to me anymore and half and half isn’t an option. I usually drink black coffee, but I like to mix it up with this.

I found my carton at Whole Foods for around $4.00, and my sister found some at Kroger recently. It should be in the non-dairy section near the milk and refrigerated coffee creamers. You can also check the refrigerated health food section, especially in Kroger. That’s where I find most of the SO Delicious brand.

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  • Penny W.

    This sounds like its worth a try! As the years go by I find I am more sensitive to dairy and my kids LOVE egg nog at Christmas!