Shiva Rea Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Is Relaxing, Strengthening, but Probably Not for Everyone

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Shiva Rea Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Is Relaxing, Strengthening, but Probably Not for Everyone

You know those workouts that are intense but somehow still relaxing? Shiva Rea’s Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow is that. I love that it comes with several short workouts so I can pick the thing I want to work on most (backbends, upper body, balance, relaxing, or everything all at once).

The seven workouts are about 20 minutes each and you can combine them however you’d like or just do one at a time.

I personally never combine them and go to this DVD on those days when I don’t have a lot of time or just really don’t feel like working out (but know I need to in order to get over the funk I’m in). There are also morning and evening meditation practices, a core workout, and relaxation sections, so it’s an incredibly well-rounded and effective 168 minutes, no matter which yoga benefits you want to focus on.

The reason I say this may not be for everybody is that it has a New-Agey feel that may turn some people off. Her voice is nice and soothing, but at the same time, it feels more like the “traditional” yoga videos, from before yoga became a mainstream thing.

I enjoyed it, but it was a definite change from the MTV and Mandy Ingber yoga DVDs and Tara Stiles YouTube videos I’ve done recently. It was a little bit of an adjustment.

The set is absolutely gorgeous and relaxing just to look at, full of bold colors that aren’t so bright they distract you. The only complaints I really have are a lack of cueing in some places. She doesn’t explain how to get from one pose to another, but when you look up, she’s suddenly already in the pose she wants you to be in.

The 20-minute workouts also seem to go by slowly. That’s pretty typical of yoga workouts for me, but this one seems especially slow. I start wondering if it’s been 20 minutes when it’s only been 10 or so.

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    I remember the Lilias, Yoga, and You shows on PBS. Those were really, really slow but nice because they are easy for a newbie to keep up with.