Just Hatched Cuddle My Baby Cream Talc Is Safe and Effective

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I used to love how soft talcum powder made your skin. I used it on myself and my newborn son until I started hearing about how the use of traditional talcum powder may be linked to an increased risk of cancer and/or respiratory problems. (You can read about the possible dangers of talcum powder on Dr. Frank Lipman’s website. The link seems to be more pronounced for females, but it’s scary enough that I think all parents should be cautious.)

If you are looking for a safer alternative to the use of traditional talcum powder, Just Hatched can help.

Just Hatched Cuddle My Baby Cream Talc is made with tapioca starch to give your baby’s skin that silky smooth feeling without any harmful chemicals or the risk of inhaling tiny powder particles.

The product contains chamomile and green tea, which gives it a light “clean” scent that is pleasant enough you’ll be tempted to buy an extra tube for yourself. A little goes a long way, however, so be careful not to use too much product at one time.

Just Hatched baby care products can be found at select Walgreens stores across the United States or ordered directly from the company website. In addition to the cream talc, Just Hatched makes baby shampoo, body lotion, body oil, and a natural beeswax and shea butter diaper rash cream.

Compared to other sulfate, paraben, and pthlate free baby product lines I’ve seen, I think the Just Hatched products are very affordable. Cuddle My Baby Cream Talc is $4.97 for a 3.5 ounce tube. Most other products in the line are also priced in this range.

Disclaimer: Product samples were provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of preparing this review.

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    I might have to try this. I used to love baby powder but stopped using it because of the health risks. I probably inhaled a ton of talcum powder before I learned of the risks, sadly.