Victorias Secrets The Dreamer Flannel Pajama Is Something to Live in All Winter

Heres a confession: I dont usually wear pajamas. My sleeping attire usually consists of yoga pants or leggings and whatever comfortable shirts available at the time that wont totally clash with the color of the pants. I usually think pajamas are a waste of money, but Im willing to make one exception.

Someone gave me a pair of Victorias Secrets flannel pajamas years ago, though, and I still haveand wearthem. I even bought more. Theyre cozy, durable, and incredibly soft.

Ive checked fabrics in other stores and nothing compares. The other pajamas Ive tried have either been too rough, too thin, or too stiff. Sometimes they even make me itch. Sometimes they shrinka lotand thats bad news for my ankles because Im tall (58).

Theyre true to size, from what I can tell, not that perfection matters with an oversized button-up top and drawstring waist. I was given a medium and usually wear a small, and mine are still loose even after the minimal shrinking they may have done.

You can choose your length now, though Im not sure that was always an option (and Im fairly certain I have the regular length, which is long enough on me).

The pattern selection is cute. They seem to have removed some of their zanier patterns in favor of more classic ones, like plaid, gingham, leopard print, dots, stars, and snowflakes. The background color selections arent too wild, either, but there is some red, bright blue, and mint green in there for those of us who love color.

These pajamas are a far cry from satin nighties on the sexiness scale, as far as bedtime wear goes. However, theyll keep you warm when a nightie wont and theyre a little more attractive than your average worn out pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt.

These sets are a little pricy at $49.50, but keep your eyes open for online coupon codes. Also, right now theyre giving out Secret Reward cards with any $10 purchase. Each card will be good for at least $10 on your next purchase (some are worth $500!).

If you plan to be doing some shopping at Victorias Secret in December, which is when you can use the gift card, that may make it worth the purchase.

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Victorias Secrets Forbidden Vanilla Scent Is Cozy, Sexy, and Delicious

Victorias Secret lured me into their store with a coupon for a free body spray from the Fantasies line. Im not a huge fan of very many of their typical scents, which are often a little too sharp and fruity for me, but I also hate to turn down freebies, so I went to see if they had anything new.

There was a new set of products under the Fantasies umbrella called Midnight Exotics, and I gave the vanilla one a try. The packaging and website describe the notes of this one as vanilla noir and velvet teakwood.

There is more depth and warmth here than you would get in your traditional vanilla. Its sultrier than the Vanilla Lace, which smells like cake to me (this doesnt smell like food). If velvet had a scent, this is probably what it would smell like, so I like that its used in the description. Its sweet without being juvenile, with the woodsy feel of teakwood, and though it isnt listed, I feel like theres a barely-there hint of dark berries.

I ended up going back for five more products since they were 5/$30 (the only thing I dont have is the hand and body cream). The scent is just as heavenly from one product to the next, which is a nice change since Ive gotten collections before where only the lotion and body wash smelled good, but the scrub and hand cream smelled odd.

Heres the run down:

Body scrub: This is a sugar scrub that makes my skin feel smoother and look brighter. I love that it just dissolves away and leaves my skin feeling moist and healthy.

Fragrance mist: This is the product that started it all, but the scent doesnt last very long. I found myself spraying it on several times a day and it never really lingered like I wanted it to. I like to spritz it over my hair and put it on before I go to bed, but its no replacement for perfume.

Eau de toilette: Sadly, this isnt as long-lasting or potent as I wanted it to be, either. Its stronger than the fragrance mist and more of it comes out with each spray so its more concentrated on the spots where it hits your skin, but it only lasts a few hours. If youre choosing between this and the fragrance spray, I recommend this one.

Body butter: This has the same gorgeous scent as the other products, and I found that it absorbs better than a lot of other body butters Ive tried. It has shea and jojoba butters, and vitamin E. Im not sure Im patient enough to scoop this out and rub it all over my body, but I do love it for my hands, feet, and other rough spots. The scent lingers a while, but its not very strong.

Body wash: The only things I look for in a body wash are scent and their ability to leave my skin feeling clean, but not dried out. This one excels at both.

Body lotion: This is lightweight and spreads easily. It probably isnt the best for the driest of skin, but its good maintenance and better than nothing when youre in a hurry.

Layering these products (at least the wash or scrub with a lotion and maybe the mist or EDT) will make the scent last more than just the couple of hours that any single product would offer, but Ive never felt like there was a huge cloud of fragrance hovering in the air around me.

This scent sticks close to the skin, at least on me, but its cozy and sensual, perfect for cooler months. Also, because the scents light, I feel like these products wouldnt interfere too much with other perfumes.

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Victorias Secret Very Sexy Push-Up Bra Is Phenomenal for Mom Boobs

You know how the girls arent where they used to be, back before you had kids and maybe even breastfed one or two of them? The Victorias Secret Very Sexy Push-Up bra lets me remain in a state of denial about all that. The cool thing is, you can get them in so many different colors and styles, you can stock up without feeling too wasteful.

I hate when mines drying and I have to pick out another type to wear. The price is between $48 and $98, depending on the style you get. Some have rhinestones and other types of embellishments; those are the ones near the $98 end of the spectrum. The simpler, single color bras are just as effective and cost much less.

This push-up bra makes my chest look about like it did before I got pregnant, thanks to the cups that add a little volume and push things up to where they once were. The band feels secure and stays in place (theyll measure you in the store if you need help getting the right size).

The underwire is comfortable and doesnt dig in, and unless you choose the wrong color bra for the shirt youre wearing, the Very Sexy is virtually undetectable through your shirt (that means no odd outlines).

I do have one complaint, and that involves the straps on Victorias Secret bras in general. They seem to stretch out more than other brands and then fall down my shoulders constantly. And, as with all bras, I can adjust the straps, but it doesn’t mean the sliding pieces on the straps will stay where I put them all day.

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Victorias Secret Shine Drama Lip Gloss Gloss in Give Me Fever Is a Sexy, Bold (Staining!) Red

My friend was rocking a gorgeous fiery red a few nights ago, and it inspired me to try one out, too. Normally I stick to deeper, blue-based reds unless Im feeling extra quirky, but she made it look so natural, I wanted to find a similar gloss. I found it at Victorias Secret.

This gloss is called Give Me Fever, and its everything a lip gloss should be, which really surprised me since I havent been 100% satisfied with a lot of the beauty products Ive purchased from there (Beauty Rush glosses are a little too sticky, and another one I tried before was great in pigmentation, but the brush splayed after just a few uses).

What I found:

  • Sexy, bold, opaque red color that seems like a pure red with possibly the slightest orange tinge. This is no blue-based red, for sure. Its a medium shadenot vampy, not non-committal.
  • Lasting power is phenomenal for a gloss. Ive had it on for hours. The shine gradually wears down and the color gets a little less intense, but even after about five or six hours, unless Ive aggressively wiped my lips with a napkin at a meal, there is still a noticeable stain left behind.
  • The packaging is nice. So far, no leaks. Its heavy for a tube, with metallic accents, and it has a no-nonsense rectangle shape.
  • The price is on par with other lower end department store brand lip glosses, and in some cases, drugstore lip glosses.
  • The shine is gorgeous and glitter-free.

The only two negatives I found with this: I cant make it look as natural freshly applied as my friend did with her gloss despite the very similar color, and I cant think of too many people who could (this is a little more intensely pigmented than what she had), and it transfers, which most glosses do anyway. Ive had it on my teeth, my daughters face, all over the lid to my coffee cup

I would consider this a good color to wear full strength on date nights or girls nights out, but you might want to leave it on your lips for a few minutes and then blot it down during the day to get that pretty stained look without the risk of getting it on your clothes, the kids clothes, your kids faces, hands, etc.

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Victorias Secret Bombshell Forever Perfume Is Nice, but Too Close to the Original

The first time I sprayed Victorias Secret Bombshell Forever, it was on one of the pieces of paper they had sitting up on the display with it. It was amazing. I loved it and wanted to spray it on my skin, but I was already wearing perfume and in a hurry to get to another store.

It was sweet, but not cloying, and I could pick up a lot of fruit (and yet it still didnt come across as a fruity-floral). It was tempered by what I guess was the lavender and a hint of woods (pamplewood, which Ive never seen listed as a note).

The next time I went to Victorias Secret, I sprayed some on my skin without a second thought; I knew I loved it based on that previous spritz. Then I was disappointed and had to do a double-take to see whether I had sprayed the new one or the original Bombshell, which I had a small bottle of and gave to my sister because it always made me feel dirty to wear it.

As in the I need a shower because Ive been outside doing yard work kind of dirty. It gave me a feeling of having a film on my skin, but my sister loved it on her. So it’s a good scent, but not on me.

On my skin, this flanker smells almost exactly like the original, which is a blend of tangelo, pineapple, strawberry, passion fruit, peony, jasmine, red berries, muguet, vanilla orchid, oakmoss, musk, and blonde woods, according to Victorias Secrets website.

Bombshell Forever smells that complex, too, so I was surprised to see very few notes listed in the description on the site (boysenberry, lavender flower, and pamplewood).

I agree with the fresh scent classification on the site because the fruitiness and sweetness are rooted in a warm, prickly earthiness that keeps it from being too fluffy and girlish. It gives my nose the same tingling sensation that black pepper does, and theres a masculine edge that was a little much for me even though I often enjoy unisex fragrances. Its probably the lavender in the Bombshell Forever that gives it that.

Neither of the Bombshell scents are for me because apparently my body chemistry turns them into something not-so-great, but if you happen to be near a bottle of Bombshell Forever and arent already wearing perfume, it may be worth a try.

If it smells as good on you as it did on the paper strip, you have a winner on your hands.

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Victorias Secret Night Perfume May Not Be a Crowd-Pleaser, but Its Nice

There seems to be almost no middle ground with the Victorias Secret perfumes (Im not counting their body care line). Theyre either very sweet and fruity, or theyre borderline masculine.

Night, the newest release, errs toward the side of masculine, but its nice. It may knock your socks off if you prefer fragrances that smell a little like cologne.

Im a big fan of warm, but not overly sweet or very fruity fragrances, so this one isnt my favorite. I can see the appeal of it, but I wouldnt buy a whole bottle. It reminds me of Diors now-discontinued Midnight Poison in the navy blue bottle.

The first time I tried it, I used a tester in the store. I didnt notice that too much came out or that the spray was especially strong, but it lingered all day and it wasnt subtle! I was also given a sample that Ive enjoyed as something different from my usual fragrances (its still potent and it does linger, even when sprayed from the tiny vial).

If youre shy about your scents and dont want them to announce your presence, youll want to look elsewhere for a perfume or get creative about how you spray it.

The websites description makes it sound exotic and warm, right up my alley. The notes are black plum, velvet woods, and luscious apple, and the blurb about the scent itself says things like, sensual cocktail of sparkling fruity notes, exotic florals, dark woods, and sultry musks.

I get the apple, especially at first. Then theres something that tickles my nose, like black pepper. I feel the hint of the woods, but I wouldnt notice them if I hadnt already been told they were there, and those are what would normally be responsible for warming up the scent. Sometimes I get a whiff of something like baby powder.

To me, Night feels mysterious, but cold. It isnt my idea of what a stunning, sexy perfume should be.

I like it and I recommend it if you really like those perfume-cologne hybrid scents (theyre popular, so I know a lot of women love them!). I just wouldnt buy it for myself.

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Vera Bradley Throw Is Cute, Warm, and Cozy

I’m not a fan of Vera Bradley purses, since I’m not the type to switch out my bag with every outfit. But, I do like the Vera Bradley prints on items like this colorful throw blanket.

The reader reviews say the is blanket warm, cozy, and large enough to cover a twin bed. I think this would be a great addition to a young girl’s room.

It’s probably better made than most bedding marketed to kids and would be something your daughter wouldn’t grow out of right away.

My son has a plain polyester micro fleece blanket from another store on his bed. He loves it because it’s soft and I appreciate the fact that it is much less of a pain to wash than a traditional comforter or duvet cover.

There are multiple prints to choose from for this blanket. To me, the Provencal design featured in this post looks perfect for a young girl’s bedroom. There is also a more muted Canyon pattern that I’d love to buy for my living room so I can curl up under a cozy blanket while watching TV.

I already have a stack of blankets, but most them aren’t nearly as cute as these throws!

I have heard friends who love Vera Bradley say that the site often has great deals on items with discontinued prints, but I couldn’t find any of the throw blankets in their sale section. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for a great deal on this item, however.

Are you a Vera Bradley fan? If so, what are your favorite items?

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Vat19 Lets You Enjoy Soup and Crackers in Style

Do you like crackers with your soup? My family eats a lot of soup during the winter months, but we’re torn on the addition of crackers.

My husband hates crackers, my son likes a small amount of crackers, and I would be happy crumbling up half the box to add to my bowl of piping hot soup. I regularly add more crackers to my soup halfway through eating it!

Since I love crackers so much, these adorable soup and cracker mugs from Vat19 are on my holiday wish list. They are microwave and dishwasher safe with a capacity of 16 ounces.

This is handy because most canned soups are 16 ounces. I make my own chili, but I’m generally much to lazy to go through the trouble of making my own soup. For me, the main appeal of soup is that all I have to do is open a can and heat it up.

If you’re like my husband and not a fan of crackers, you can also use the mug for carrots and dip or chips and salsa. This would be a cute way to serve a healthy after school snack to your kids.

Vat19 customers have also pointed out that the mug would be great for a painter’s brushes and water.

The mugs are made of white ceramic porcelain and come in a set of two for just $11.99, which makes them a great bargain in my book. Shipping on all orders from Vat19 is a flat rate $4.99 unless you spend more than $125.

What do you think of this soup and cracker mug?

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ValueTales Still Have a Place in Childrens Book Collections

I didnt know about ValueTalesgrowing up, but my husband had and loved the whole collection when he was a kid. We recently picked up the set from his moms basement and brought them home to read to our daughter.

He still loves them, she picks a new one to go through every couple of nights, and Im falling in love with them, too.

Each tale is a story of a person from historyHans Christian Andersen, Harriet Tubman, Louis Pasteur, and Marie Curie, for exampleand shares an appropriate lesson to go with that particular character. The books discuss topics like creativity, fantasy, respect, love, determination, courage, humor, patience, caring, and more.

Each book takes about two nights to read because theres quite a bit of text, though sometimes Ill get carried away and read a whole one even though my daughters ready to turn the light off and go to sleep well before Im done.

The pictures are pretty typical of books from the 70s and 80s, which is a bit of a relief to me, with the new types of art that are so prevalent these days popping up everywhere, from television to books. A little variety is nice.

My daughters favorite part is finding out what the inner voice looks like for each one of the characters, the voice that leads them to do the right thing and gives them good advice when they need direction. In the back of each one, theres information about the actual person each of the books is based on.

If you cant get your hands on a set of the older books published in 1979, you can buy a revamped group of ValueTales stories in a hardcover book. I havent checked that one out in too much detail, but it may be easier to get your hands on than the older set.

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Use Progresso Recipe Starters to Throw Together a Quick Meal

I try to cook from scratch as much as possible, but cooking is really not one of my favorite things to do. That’s why I like Progresso’s Recipe Starters line of sauces.

They make it easy to throw together a tasty meal on those nights when you’d rather be reading a book or watching your favorite TV show than slaving over the stove.

There are five different Progresso sauces: Creamy Parmesan Basil, Creamy Portobello Mushroom, Creamy Roasted Garlic, Creamy Three Cheese, and Fire Roasted Tomato.

I find myself using the Creamy Roasted Garlic and the Creamy Three Cheese sauces the most, although they are all quite tasty. I found them near the soups and canned spaghetti sauce in my local grocery store.

There are several different recipe ideas on the Progresso website that involve using the sauces, and there are recipes printed on each sauce can. All of the recipes have photos and detailed nutrition information. I suggest trying theCheesy Barbecue Beef Rigatoni if you have picky eaters in the house.

I’ve also found that the Progresso sauces are good for “inventing” crock pot meals or creative pasta dishes for those times when I’m trying to clear out my pantry.

We had a pork roast with potatoes, carrots, and the Creamy Roasted Garlic sauce that was quite good. I also made a chicken, broccoli, rotini, and Creamy Three Cheese sauce concoction that my son gobbled up.

Have you tried any of the Progresso Recipe Starters? If so, what did you think? Did you find that they saved you time when cooking for your family?

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