Treat Dry Skin with CapriClear Moisturizing Spray

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If you’ve been thinking about trying coconut oil as a moisturizer, I highly recommend CapriClear’s moisturizing spray.

CapriClear is made with 100 percent fractionated coconut oil. It has no artificial fragrances, toxins, sulfates, mineral oil, gluten, petroleum, phthalates, parabens, or animal products.

I’ve used a jar of regular coconut oil as a moisturizer before, but this is definitely preferable. It’s colorless, odorless, doesn’t stain your clothes, and dries quickly. It’s easy to apply and seems much less greasy than using regular coconut oil on your skin. Everyone in my family loves it!

CapriClear bears the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance on its packaging, so this would be an excellent product if anyone in your family who suffers from this annoying and uncomfortable skin condition. My son had horrible eczema as a baby, so I wish I would have known about this product during his earlier years.

We used Aveeno or Eucerin to treat his eczema, but both products were only modestly effective and have chemical ingredients that are smart to try to avoid using on your children. His eczema isn’t quite as bad now, but I like knowing that I have a safer product to use when he has a flareup.

Visit the Amazon website to learn more about the product or to purchase a bottle for your home. Ounce for once, CapriClear is more expensive than most brands of regular coconut oil that I’ve tried in the past. But, since this product is easier to use and it seems like you need less per application, I think the added expense is probably well worth it.checkprice

Little Green Provides Natural Skincare for Sensitive Skin


If you are looking for made in the USA skincare products that are natural and suitable for people with sensitive skin, the Little Green brand is a great choice.

Little Green products are marketed as being for babies and children, but they’d be perfectly fine to swipe for your own use if needed. Little Green makes body wash, lotion, and hair detangler. My personal favorite product, however, is their soothing balm.

The soothing balm is designed for cheeks, lips, and small dry patches on the skin. It looks like a very large tube of lip balm. (My son actually called it a glue stick when I gave it to him!)

The balm is made with natural ingredients like beeswax, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and evening primrose. It has no parabens or allergens. While the Little Green body lotion has a light citrusy fragrance, I don’t notice any sort of scent in the Little Green balm.

I like that the balm is lightweight and doesn’t feel greasy on the skin. It’s a nice size to throw in your purse or diaper bag. I’ve found that applying moisturizing products throughout the day is the best way to keep my son’s dry skin under control, so the portability of the Little Green balm is a major selling point for me.

Visit Amazon website to locate a store that sells the soothing balm and other products in the line.checkprice

Aveeno Stress Relief Lotion Has All the Advantages of the Regular Version Plus a Delightful Fragrance


Warning: Only use this in the evenings because the scent will lull you into a fantastic, relaxed state that will inevitably end in sleep, and you don’t want that to happen at your desk. I guess if you’re incredibly stressed out, this might lower you down to a level where you can function more easily without face-planting on the keyboard.

Right now, I’m trying to finish up some work after slathering this lotion all over my legs and hands, and it’s getting tougher to concentrate. I didn’t start out stressed; I just started out itchy. It’s good for that, too.

This version of the Aveeno lotion so many of us with chronically dry or dehydrated and sensitive skin have come to know and love is quite the improvement. The regular Aveeno has “no” scent that’s actually a faint, slightly unpleasant smell.

This one has a mix of lavender, ylang-ylang, and chamomile that I can only describe as divine. It’s a sweet, floral type of scent rather than the masculine, herbal type some lavender products tend to take on. The moisturizing and itch-relief capabilities are the same as they are with the regular Aveeno lotion. I got almost instant relief. There’s still colloidal oatmeal, just like there is in the original, and the consistency feels about the same.

If you struggle with eczema or just relentlessly dry, itchy skin, you’ll soon find that this is worth every penny (you’ll probably say the same if you’re stressed or often have trouble sleeping, too).

If you’re familiar with that intense stinging sensation that happens when you put other lotions on dry, irritated or chapped skin, you’ll want to try this. I can only speak from my own experiences, but the stinging—when there is stinging—is much less intense and lasts a lot less time with Aveeno lotions. I use this on my daughter, who was “lucky” enough to get skin like mine (we hate winter), and she loves it.checkprice

Weleda’s Wild Rose Pampering Lotion Naturally Soothes Your Dry Skin


One of my least favorite parts about living in Iowa is dealing with the cold winter weather. I don’t have issues with dry skin during the summer months, but as soon as the temperature drops, I find myself in search of a great body lotion.

Recently, I had an opportunity to try Weleda’s Wild Rose Pampering Lotion. Weleda specializes in creating gentle yet effective products with natural and/or organic ingredients. For example, the Wild Rose Pampering Lotion is 100% natural and 93% organic.

I love the lightweight feel of this lotion. It’s smooth on your skin and doesn’t make you feel greasy like some of the heavier body creams can. The product is made with precious kernel extract from wild crafted Rosa Mosqueta, moisturizing organic jojoba oil, and witch hazel water.

For me, the most noticeable aspect of the Wild Rose Pampering Lotion was the fragrance. This lotion has the strongest scent of any body lotion I have ever tried!

Normally, I use a scented shower gel, lotion, and fragrance mist to make sure my scent lasts all day. The scent of this lotion was strong enough that I used unscented castile soap in the shower and skipped the fragrance mist entirely. The scent of the lotion lasted most of the day!

I normally prefer citrus scents, I was pleasantly surprised by how many people told me I “smelled good” when I tried this lotion for the first time.

Disclaimer: A sample of Weleda’s Wild Rose Pampering Lotion was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of preparing this review.