Zoya PixieDust Is Quite Possibly the Coolest Polish Ever


I saw a sneak preview of the Zoya PixieDust nail polish a little while ago, at least a month or two before it hit the shelves in the stores. I wasnt exactly sure of when it was coming out, so I checked for it every time I went to Ulta.

It just came out at the beginning of April and I was finally able to pick one up. I got Vespa because it was the closest to the mint green shade Ive been wanting anyway. This is a pale sage, with a slight gray tinge. Its listed as a cool, neutral green.

What makes this polish so interesting is the matte finish combined with micro-glitter. There are others on the market, but none of them have combined this amount of glitter or looked completely matte while the glitter remained clear and bright (none that Ive tried, at least).

I applied three coats, though I probably could have gotten by with just two. It felt gritty with every coat, which took some getting used to, and I felt like I had to use more polish to paint each nail because the glitter would drag across and disrupt the surface.

It doesnt look streaky at all now; in fact, its almost opaque. Despite the three coats, this polish dried quickly. I was typing within about 10 minutes of applying it. With other similar polishes, Ive had smudges happen even after about 30 minutes.

The finish is gorgeous and I think its great for mommy-daughter manicures and pedicures.

The only color I can really review is Vespa, but I had a hard time deciding between colors. Theyre all beautiful, and some are colors you dont see often (like this one and the muted, dusty blue) while others are classics with a twist (like the red).checkprice

Zoom Fast Black Lash Is a Spiky, Smudgy Mess


Okay, so Zoom Fast Black Lash isnt a complete disaster and it does have some good qualities, but overall, I wouldnt buy a tube.

I got some free samples with a purchase so I decided to give it a try, even though I wasnt a huge fan of the regular Zoom Lash I tried a few years ago.

Zoom Fast Black Lash differs from the regular Zoom Lash in color. Zoom Fast is a deeper black, which I love. Its one of the darkest mascaras Ive tried. The formulas very wet, like Maybelline Great Lashs formula, so it ends up on my eyelids almost every time I apply it.

The brush isnt like the one that comes in Great Lash at all, though. Its bigger and a bit fluffier, and it reminds me a bit of the LOreal Voluminous and Maybelline Full n Soft brushes. Its not one of the new, rubbery brushes that are showing up in a lot of the newer mascaras.

Theres nothing remarkable or gimmicky about its shape, either, which I can also appreciate. Its just a typical mascara brush, from what I can tell.

I think the end results are only okay, but Im a bit paranoid that my lashes look too clumpy when I wear it. They clump more with this formula than with most other ones I wear, and each set of two or three lashes that becomes one big lash looks extra spiky on the end. Each of those sets seems very defined, but not flirty or natural. The results are more of an odd combination of drama and cartoonish definition.

Watery formulas tend to smudge more, in my experience. After a few hours, I had some smudging under my lower lashes, but it wasnt anything terrible. It actually added to the look.

However, I scratched near my eye when it was watering a bit and my fingertip came back black. I can only imagine what Id look like if I got caught in the rain or cried while wearing it.


Yves Saint-Laurent Touche clat Radiant Touch Is Beautiful, but It Isnt Worth the Hype


Yves Saint-Laurent Touche clat Radiant Touch isnt worth the price tag (for 0.1 oz). Dont get me wrong, I really do like what it does for my complexion, but I could just as easily get something similar from the drugstore for much less. Nah. Ill pass. Ill spend that money on skin care products instead.

I only received a sample (shade 1, Luminous Radiance), so I cant comment on the brush or the speed or volume at which the product comes out of the wand. I can say how the product itself performs, though. Its a lightweight gel-like cream with the sheen of a well-blended highlighter (so no shimmer or glitterjust a beautiful, dewy glow thats intense enough to only be used on small areas).

If youve heard of this product before (its kind of a cult classic makeup product), you may have heard of it being used under the eyes to brighten dark circles. I dont think it works well this way at all. Its like shining a spotlight on a flaw.

However, using an opaque concealer on the circles and then using this on the inner corner of the eyes and right along the tops of the cheekbones (close to your eyes) can have a brightening effect while drawing attention everywhere but the actual problem area.

It works well for lifting the cheekbones when applied that way, too. It can make you look more awake when you apply it to the outer edge of the eye, like a sideways V with the point close to the outer corner of your eye. Use it in nasolabial lines to draw the area forward and reduce their appearance or pop a little above the center of your upper lip for a plumping effect.

Yves Saint-Laurents highlighting wand does work, but I just feel that there are other, less expensive options on the market, like Maybellines Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer, which has a little less sheen (why it still works well as a concealer) but still does generally the same thing. A flesh-toned cream eyeshadow with a pinkish tint could also work the same way.


Whiten Your Teeth at Home with Colgates New Optic White Toothbrush and Whitening Pen


White teeth are a necessity for a great smile, but coffee, wine, tea, sports drinks, and cola can yellow your teeth over time. If you are looking for a simple way to whiten your teeth at home, Colgates new Optic White toothbrush and whitening pen can help. This premium toothbrush has a built-in whitening pen for convenient application.

The product is very easy to use. Simply brush your teeth as normal, then remove the pen from the bottom of the toothbrush. Apply the gel to your teeth, insert the pen back into the toothbrush, and go about your day. The gel adheres to your teeth immediately and does not need to be rinsed out.

The whitening pen can be used two times per day. The gel will last up to eight weeks, depending upon how much you apply at once. I would recommend a lighter application, since youre not supposed to rinse out any excess.

Although Im not a huge fan of how the gel tastes, it seems to be doing the trick. I fell and chipped one of my front teeth about 10 years ago. The resin they used for the repair was a perfect match at the time, but since then Ive noticed my teeth getting yellower.

After about a week of using this product, I can see that my teeth are closer to the color of the resin. Theyre not quite back to being a perfect match yet, but Im still very pleased with the results.

I have been just using my regular toothpaste with this toothbrush and whitening pen, but Colgate recommends adding its Optic White toothpaste and Optic White mouthwash to your routine to improve your results.

Disclaimer: Product samples were provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of preparing this review.