BubbleBum Provides an Alternative to Traveling with Bulky Booster Seats

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The BubbleBum is one of the more unusual types of booster seats I’ve come across. This inflatable booster seat is for kids who are between 4 and 11 years old and weigh between 40 and 100 pounds.

This product is intended for parents who travel a lot or have children who are sometimes picked up by grandparents, aunts, uncles, or family friends who don’t have a car seat. It’s lightweight and compact, so it’s a lot easier to move between vehicles than a traditional booster seat. With the BubbleBum, you can fit three booster seats in the back of your car, so it would be a good choice if you’re transporting multiple kids.

The BubbleBum is advertised as being easy to inflate and deflate. I had a hard time getting mine sealed correctly so it didn’t leak air, however. I would plan on practicing a few times at home before you take it out and about. My husband found it easier to use than I did, but I still think it’s not something you want to fiddle with for the first time when you’re in a hurry to get to your destination.

My eight-year-old son didn’t have any complaints about the comfort of the BubbleBum, although we’ve only used it on relatively short trips so far. He weighs about 65 pounds, so he’s in the middle of the weight range for the product.

I’m not sure how comfortable it would be if your child is at the upper end of the age and weight requirements for the product. Since the BubbleBum is inflatable, the seating surface is not as firm as a regular booster seat.

The BubbleBum sells for $39.99. It comes in two colors: purple and lime or black and silver.

Visit the BubbleBum website for details.

Disclaimer: A sample BubbleBum was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of preparing this review.

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