Best Spinning Bikes for 2016


Spin bikes are gaining popularity because they are a fun way to work on your cardio and tone the lower body. Here are our picks for the best spin bike. Smart Mom Pick for 2016 – Sunny SF-B1423 The Sunny SF-B1423 comes in a huge box, and the advantage of…

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Review of Modern Co-Sleeper: the Baby Bunk


The Baby Bunk is very clean lined, extremely useful co-sleeper that is both beautiful and functional. Its wooden design is such a welcome change from the frilly bassinets or the plain jane co-sleepers out there like the Arm’s Reach. The Baby Bunk is a wooden bed with three sides, two…

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A Clever Way to Protect Your Baby’s Hearing


When you’re buying items for your baby’s wardrobe, consider picking up a hat that helps protect baby’s hearing. The noise reduction hat from Dots on Tots is a combination of the company’s ear protection hat and infant noise reduction hat. It has removable hearing protection inserts that reduce outside noises…

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Would a Balance Bike Help Your Child?

Teaching my son how to ride a bike was one of the hardest parenting tasks I’ve faced so far. He struggles with hand-eye coordination and was terrified of falling. He refused to even attempt to ride a bike with no training wheels until several of the kids in our neighborhood…

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