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Hello Parents,

Me along with my wife became parents last year. We had to search for different types of products continuously from then and we found that it was actually difficult to go for quality products. Like any other parent, we had to make sure that we are offering the best possible to our kid and thus, we did tons of research. The idea was actually mine (taking the credit). I told my wife one day that why don’t we open a simple review site where we will review strollers, baby toys and other items. I had a leave pending from my job and thus, this site was created.

We review best strollers in our website. Both me and my wife writes for the site as we don’t have other writers. This is a passion and this is a fun task to do. I wish all the best to all of you guys who visit our site. Let us know whether you like it or not. Let us know how we can improve. We have only one mission. We want to make sure that your baby is having a quality time because guess what? Parenting (especially for the first 10 years) is the best thing that ever happens with a human being.

Best of Luck Everyone

Thank you


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