Zinus Memory Foam 12 inch Green Tea Mattress Review

Memory foam mattresses have become quite popular in recent years thanks to their combination of support, comfort, and reasonable price. The Zinus Memory Foam 12 inch Green Tea Mattress promises to provide excellent comfort, support, and take away the pressure common with other types of mattresses. What makes this version different is the infusion of green tea, but does this make it the best mattress on the market today?
Zinus Memory Foam 12” Green Tea Mattress

Attributes of Zinus Memory Foam 12 inch Green Tea Mattress

First and foremost, this is a well-designed memory foam mattress that when combined with a good pillow should provide for a sounds night’s sleep. The features of the Zinus memory foam mattress includes the following;

  • All Foam is CertiPUR-US Certified
  • 3” Memory Foam, 3.5” Airflow High-Density Foam, 2” Comfort Foam, & 3.5” Airflow Base Support
  • Durable
  • Infused w/Green Tea
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty

The infusion of green tea is to help keep the bed fresh so that you feel more comfortable during your night’s rest. There are other attributes that make this one of the best mattress products you’ll find in the memory foam family.

Price: The average cost for this mattress is just under $300 for a queen size. Given the high quality of the mattress and materials involved, this is a remarkably low price for such a product.

Softness: The mattress is a little softer than you might expect, although not soft enough to be a real issue. This means that it fits all styles of sleeping and it can absorb motion well so that you don’t wake up your partner if you must get out of bed.

Heat Dissipation: One concern that many have with memory foam is that it can absorb heat which makes it uncomfortable if it gets too hot. However, the Zinus models are good at dissipating heat although you will need a cover to assist in the process.

Of course, no mattress is perfect and the Zinus Memory Foam 12-inch Green Tea Mattress is no exception. Arguably the first issue is the weight of the mattress which clocks in at 75 lbs. Although the mattress does come in a compact package, you may need some help in getting it on your bed.

Another issue is that the scent of the green tea does not fully mask that of the chemicals used to create the foam. The good news is that the pleasing scent does last long after the chemicals have evaporated off the mattress.


When combined with a good pillow, this is the best mattress in terms of its combination of features for the price. It’s comfortable, provides good support for those who sleep on their side, back, and stomach. Plus, it is reasonably priced which makes it a good value, especially for larger sizes such as the queen and offers a solid 10-year warranty that backs up its overall quality.

If you are looking for a good memory foam mattress that stays fresh, provides good support, and will remain comfortable to use for a long time, the Zinus Memory Foam 12-inch Green Tea Mattress is the one for you. It is also best mattress under 1000 dollars on the market.

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