Why Pregnant Moms Should Consider Using a Pregnancy Pillow?

Getting pregnant is one of the most momentous occasions in a woman’s life. The joy and happiness that comes with pregnancy is immense, particularly for first-time mothers. Needless to say, pregnancy causes some changes to the woman’s body the most predominant being the growth of the belly. As the stomach becomes enlarged, it means that the woman can no longer sleep comfortably. The body weight increases and so is the pressure to some parts of the body leading to sleep deprivation.

Nonetheless, unlike before, pregnant women can still sleep soundly and with comfort thanks to the pregnancy pillows. The pillows are designed to help expectant mothers enjoy long hours of sleep and most importantly with relative calm and comfort. Having said that, here are the reasons as to why pregnant moms should consider using a pregnancy pillow.

Pregnancy Pillow

The Pillows Allow Pregnant Women to Sleep on Their Sides

Once pregnant, it becomes increasingly difficult for a woman to sleep on their sides. It is even more difficult if the bump is already big and heavy. Doctors say that is important for an expectant mom to sleep on their side as it helps ease the pressure subjected to the woman’s back.

By using a pregnancy pillow, the woman can cushion both the back and belly allowing her to sleep in comfort. Apart from relieving back pressure, sleeping on the side also enhances blood circulation and facilitates a faster delivery of nutrients to the growing infant.

Pregnancy Pillows Essential Body Changes to Take Place Safely

As stated, getting pregnant comes with a variety of body changes. Due to the cushioning that pregnancy pillows offer, they allow these body changes to take place safely. Expectant women, particularly during the last quarter of the pregnancy need a lot of rest, and as the uterus continues to increase in size, it pushes the bladder, making the woman urinate more frequently. Thus, the frequent trips to the bathroom may interfere with the woman’s rest. Nevertheless, thanks to the design of pregnancy pillows, the woman can easily get back to comfort thereby allowing changes within her body to take place safely.

Pregnancy Pillows Help the Expectant Mom Relax and Sleep Fast

Pregnancy pillows come in a variety of shapes, lengths, and sizes. However, they are intended to serve the primary function of helping expectant moms with their sleeping problems. Because the pillow provides cushioning to the entire body of a woman, she enjoys the comfort needed to make her relax and fall asleep fast.

Most pillows have the same length as the woman’s body and will prop every part of the woman’s body from the head to the neck, shoulders, back, belly, legs and feet effectively setting her into a relaxation mode.

Important Factors to Remember When Buying a Pregnancy Pillow

• Find a pillow that suits your particular needs. Note that pillows come in different quality materials and design. Be sure to choose a pillow that best addresses your needs.
• Go for the pillow with the highest quality and from a trusted brand. The padding should be stuffed sufficiently to support your weight off the mattress.
• Buy a pillow with a washable cover for easy cleaning

How to Use a Pregnancy Cover

Once you’ve chosen the correct pregnancy pillow that is in line with your needs, the following tip on how to use the pillow will indeed come in handy.

• Start by supporting the neck to ensure that the spine remains as straight as possible
• Wedge the pillow under the belly to ease the pressure on your back
• Place the pillow between your legs to relieve the pressure on your joints
• Make sure that the pillow supports your back to ensure that you do not roll back or on your side while sleeping.

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