When to replace your down pillow?

 replace your down pillowAre you having a down pillow at home right now? How long have you had it? Have you ever wonder when is the best time to replace it with a new one? If the answer is yes, this article is just the thing you need. In this article, we will talk about how long you should keep your down pillow and when is the best to buy a new one.

First, we need to understand the risk of keeping your down pillow for too long.

Neck problem

For a good night sleep and free of neck pain, your pillow must be able to support your head and shoulder, e.g they should fill the gap of your pillow. If you keep the pillow for too long, it will lose its loftiness, which could results neck pain and sleepless nights.

Dust mites

They are tiny little bugs that feed on dead cells and they live and flourish in humid and warm environment, your pillow perhaps. They neither bite nor spread any disease; however, they can be a problem for people allergic dust mites and can even lead to asthma in children. Just one year after being used, 15 percent of the weight of your pillow is dust mite waste.

Fungal household

When research tested a sample of pillows for about 2 to 5 years, they found out about 16 different types of fungus, which could be harmful to the respiratory system. Pillows filled with synthetic material have higher level of fungus than those filled with natural materials, which is what down pillow are filled with.

And many more…..

Now we move onto to the main part of this article: “When should you replace your down pillow? The answer may vary from people to people, so here are the general guidelines.

The quality of the pillow: naturally, the better the quality, the longer it can last and the longer you can keep it. And if you happen to own the best rated down pillow, expect it to last up to 3 to 5 years depend on how you keep it.

How you use it: do you usually lay on it with your head unwashed after a long day out in the street? Do you regularly use it for a long time before feeling the need to wash it? If the answer is yes to both questions, you may need to replace your pillow sooner than the recommended time

The recommended replace time: each pillow has a recommended replace time. If you use your pillow carefully, you can replace it even after the recommended time. If it’s the other way around, you should consider replacing it sooner than the recommended time, sometimes much sooner.


The answer depends largely on the way you use it. If the way you use is conducive to the longevity of the pillow then don’t hesitate to keep it for long. If not, a good way to know when to replace it is to see if it can spring back to its original shape after being fold in half.

That should give you a better of how long you should keep your down pillow before replacing it. If you want more house, please go to our website using the link right here

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