What are the Best IKEA Bed Frames – Flatpacks for Every Style and Budget!

Given the fact that we spend about 2920 hours each year sleeping (which translates to approximately 4 “wasted” months), saying that finding a comfortable bed is important is a huge understatement. But now that you’ve finally opened that IKEA catalogue, you are probably perplexed by the numerous options that have suddenly opened before you. And that’s okay. As we’ve done an extensive review of IKEA down comforters, will can help here too.

“We know IKEA’s flat packs and we know what it takes for comfort. We are here to help. Took us hours to searched high and low for the most attractive furniture for sleep specially for Restjudge.com. The Swedish store had to offer quite a few units and that’s why we compiled them in this list of best IKEA beds. “ – D.K. specialising flat pack assembly and home delivery at Fantastic Furniture Assembly (London).

Flat pack furniture ranges from divans to regular and convertible beds. Ready to improve your quality of sleep literally overnight? Great, then grab a chair and take a look at what is the best we chose from IKEA’s catalogue of ready-to-assemble products:

1. Hemnes Daybed – Everybody’s Using It, Looks Great.

This is hands down the most popular IKEA flat pack bed of the bunch. Its wood base comes in two variants – classic white and stylish grey. It also sports three spacious drawers where you can store anything from linen and blankets to those extra winter clothes that couldn’t fit into your wardrobe.

“The convertible qualities of the Hemnes daybed flatpack (sofa or a single bed or a double bed) make it perfect for small studies, guest rooms, or for a really affordable children’s bed. It is compact and comfortable.” says Roger Ryan, interior expert at K town Furniture (Antique & Modern).

The Hemnes daybed is currently priced at £369.

2. Never Go Out of Style with a Bekkestua Divan Bed

Sure, a divan bed may sound like something coming from the last century. But not when IKEA has something to say about it. The Bekkestua divan bed screams modern – its base and headboard are both upholstered in a neutral linen finish. The soft headboard makes this piece of furniture a must-have if you enjoy reading or watching TV while laying in bed for hours on end, not to mention the various ikea furniture hacks you could do.

The Bekkestua divan bed is currently priced at £1,175.

3. Gjöra Birch Bed Frame – for All the Romantics Out There!

Untreated ash and a fresh take on bed frames – what’s not to like? The bed comes with two frames of differing height, either of which can be used as the headboard. With this contemporary piece of furniture, IKEA encourages their customers to add the final touches by either waxing, oiling, or staining the bed’s surface for a custom look that will instantly put you and your significant other in a romantic mood. Suddenly, the seemingly random fact that one in every ten Europeans conceives a baby in an IKEA bed is looking much more believable, doesn’t it?

The Gjöra birch bed frame is currently priced at £199.

4. Looking for a Minimalist Bed Frame? Nesttun Is the Bed for You.

Sometimes, you just need a bed frame that does the job without relying on all the usual bells and whistles. Enter the Nesttun bed frame. According to IKEA, this bed features “16 slats of layer-glued birch [that] adjust to your body weight and increase the suppleness of the mattress”, making the bed a great bargain in our book, considering its low asking price. The trellis-shaped bed frame is also a nice touch, and you can easily repaint the flat pack in any colour you desire.

The Nesttun bed frame is currently priced at £99.

5. The Malm Wooden Bed Frame – A Good All-around Choice.

With a high frame made of real wood veneer, it’s hard to simply glance this option over. But this is just the start. This bed model comes with adjustable bed sides, which means you’ll be able to put mattresses of different thicknesses on top. As with Nesttun before it, the bed also contains 16 birch slats that adjust to your body’s weight but, unlike Nesttun, it also sports two storage drawers on castors. The bed comes in shades of white, oak, black-brown and white stained oak and is a great option if you want a creative bedroom interior.

The Malm bed frame is currently priced at £249.

6. Elegant and Feminine – Meet the Leirvik Metal Bed Frame.

Another romantic proposition comes in the form of the gentle IKEA Leirvik bed. This elegantly-shaped flatpack features a traditionally painted metal bedstead and 25 slats of layer-glued birch, which are separated into 5 comfort zones to ensure that you’ll be having a good night’s sleep.

“The Leivrik bed frame is made entirely of metal with a dash of polyester powder coating, of course. This flat pack does not have adjustable sides, like many of the other IKEA flat pack products, which means that you will have to carefully pick the one you’ll buy” – says James Harris from Home Decor Expert.

The Leirvik metal bed frame is currently priced at £129.

7. The Hurdal Bed Frame – a Perfect Fit for Your Country Home.

Just one look at the attractive wood grains of this model instantly makes you long for a vacation outside of town. In fact, there is a reason why its aesthetics is so irresistible to many. In the product’s description, we found a sentence claiming that at least 80% of this product is made from actual solid wood. The bed also comes with adjustable bed sides and 16 self-adjustable slats of layer-glued birch. The best part? All of this can be yours at a budget-friendly price.

The Hurdal bed frame is currently priced at £295.

8. Need a Children’s Bed? The Kura Bed Frame Is Here for You.

Convertible beds have really risen in popularity in recent years. The Kura flat pack is a wooden bed and it’s far from an exception – it works as a low or a high bed, depending on whether it’s placed upright or upside down. You can also upgrade your child’s den with a canopy bed tent and a soft folding gym mat, although sadly neither of these is included in the price.

However, when you look at the actual price IKEA asks for this stylish reversible frame, you really have nothing to complain about. Especially if you follow our 10 tips to improve kids sleep, you will surely succeed!

The Kura wooden bed frame is currently priced at £130.

Conclusion and takeaways:

Choosing the best ikea bed depends, first of all, on what you really need. Functionality, matching interior design or simply sturdiness in the long-term. Some people want units simple to maintain, clean and wash bedding, while other IKEA lovers are looking for flat pack unites the could later on hack and further improve, while others want to buy and use. Which is the best IKEA bed for you?

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