Water Blocks Offer a Fun Twist for Kids Who Like Building Toys


If your children love to build, these water blocks from PlanToys look like they’d be a great gift idea.

The blocks have a wooden frame and a hollow acrylic center that is filled with colored water. When you stack them together in a sunny room, they create “stained glass” type patterns on the floor.

You can even layer the colors together to teach your kids about basic mixing by showing them that a yellow and a blue block make a green pattern on the floor or that a yellow and red block create a light that looks orange.

The main downside to this toy, however, is the price. You get six blocks for about $30, which isn’t enough to build anything very detailed. Even young children will want a larger number of blocks to play with.

I think if I was going to buy these for my child, I would probably pick up a set of plain wooden blocks and use these as accent pieces. The product description says they are standard unit size blocks, so they should work with a basic wooden building set like the 60-piece block collection from Melissa & Doug.

Another potential drawback to the product is that some reviewers on Amazon complained they cracked too easily. Seeing as how they are filled with liquid, they’d probably be something I’d keep in a special bucket when my son wasn’t using them instead of mixing them in with his other toys.

What do you think of these water blocks? Would this be a toy that your kids would enjoy?

Photo credit: Amazon.com



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