VZWraps Provide an Eco-Friendly Way to Wrap Presents


I hate wrapping Christmas gifts! I don’t mind making cute little origami boxes for one or two birthday presents, but I just don’t have the patience to sit and wrap 20 or 30 gifts to stick under the Christmas tree. That’s why I adore the idea of usingVZWraps for your Christmas presents.

VZWraps are reusable fabric gift bags with an attached ribbon that you tie into a bow to secure the package. Even if you have no crafting skills whatsoever, these bags make your presents look like they came from a fancy boutique.

And, the recipient is free to reuse the bag when he or she needs to give a present to someone else. Many members of my extended family will reuse regular paper gift bags, so I can see these fabric bags being a huge hit with them.

There are five sizes of VZWraps to choose from in order to make sure that you have a bag for almost every size of gift. My personal favorite pattern is the Ruby bag. It’s technically not listed as a Christmas bag, but the red and white pattern is actually very similar to the fabric on my Christmas tree skirt and holiday tablecloth.

One idea I came up with for these bags would be to keep them as special wrappings for your child’s Santa gifts. I always do something creative for my son’s gifts from Santa to make them different from the other gifts under the tree. I think having the same gift bags for each child to use year after year would be a fun family tradition.

Disclaimer: Sample VZWraps bags were provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of preparing this review.



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