Top 3 Rear Facing Stroller Review

A lot of parents want to go for rear facing stroller instead of regular strollers for a simple reason. They want to see their babies while they are travelling. This is fun and this is definitely something that the parents can always demand for. In this article, we will review three top rear facing stroller of current time.

Unfortunately, not many of the strollers have this rear facing option as the traditional ones are more popular around the globe but if you are looking for a rear facing stroller badly, this review will help you to find one. Let’s start.

Summer Infant 3D Flip Convenience StrollerSummer Infant 3D Flip Convenience Stroller Review

When we talk about the rear facing strollers, undoubtedly one of the best is this stroller. This stroller has both the options which means that your baby may face you or can also face the world if you want.

The stroller looks standard (nothing fancy) and the durability is good. The stroller is very light which is positive. There are six seat positioning system in this stroller which will make life easier. The peak a boo window or the canopy adds value to the system. It is a good stroller in terms of price and quality.

Baby Jogger 2014 Vue Stroller

This was the first umbrella stroller in the market which was also a rear facing stroller. This stroller was released in 2014 and was a big hit back then. Time has passed but still now, this stroller has managed to keep a position of demand in consumer minds.

The safety harness that comes with this stroller is of great quality. The building materials are not great but good. This stroller is great for the joggers as the name suggests. All in all, this is not a great lightweight stroller but a good one overall.

Graco Fast-action Fold Jogger Click Connect Travel SystemGraco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Travel System Review

This is possibly the coolest rare facing stroller available right now in the market. This is a click connect stroller which means that you can easily take your baby with the seat using one hand. This stroller has a capacity of 35 pounds which is enough.

It has a great folding system and the air filled rubber tires are of top quality. All in all, this is the excellent travel system stroller among these three that we reviewed in this article. It has everything that you can demand for. This stroller is high priced which is negative.

Final Words

It was a short article. We didn’t review these rear view strollers in detail as we only tried to give you an idea on how these strollers will fit your lifestyle. All of these strollers have lots of other features which are not mentioned in our review.

You can go to the links associated with the products to have a detailed view on them. At the end of the day, make sure that you give importance to the look of the stroller as well as the building quality and other aspects because look is one of the most important parts. Best of luck.

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