The First Years Jet Stroller Review

This is a product that has a specific customer base. The first year is unfortunately, discontinued by the company, the first year. Do not get confused as first year is the name of this brilliant company and their signature product is called The First Year. As always, we will start our review with the features and there will be the pros, the cons and final verdict followed by the features.

The First Years Jet Stroller

Features of the First Years Jet Stroller

This product do not brag much about its features but people who used this product know that The First Year is undoubtedly one of the best products in this market. This stroller didn’t grow big and the reason is simple.They didn’t continue to make this brilliant product and therefore, they lost the market share. Let’s look at the features of this product.

Great Body

If you are looking for a durable stroller then this one will definitely excite you and the reason is simple. This stroller has a great body frame made with pure stainless steel. Why is it important to have a great body in a stroller? Some people ask this question as they do not think deep about the future. Think about it for a second.

What if you are using a stroller and suddenly it breaks down in the middle of the road with your kid inside it? Do you want it to happen? The answer is no and the solution is going for a stroller that has a perfect metal body. Also, if you want to store your stroller so that you can use it later on for your second kid or to sell it then it is important that you buy a perfect body stroller in the first place.


Safety is another important issue and this stroller is a living example of how safe a stroller can become. There are 5 harnesses here and there so that you can make sure your baby won’t even move inside the stroller. This may sound a bit harsh but the harnesses are made in such a way that it actually keeps your baby in an even more comfortable place than regular. As said before, the great body helps in the safety process as you won’t have any accidents in terms of body parts when using this stroller.

Great Weight

Obviously, we feature the excellent lightweight strollers and this stroller will excite you in terms of weight measurement. The stroller has a weight of only 11 pound which makes it one of the lightest strollers in this planet. Apart from that, it also has features like one hand folding and recline.

Choose The First Years Jet Stroller

The Pros of First Year Stroller

All the features were definite pros about this stroller but there are some more too. Let’s list them in this section of the article:

  • Usable for babies up to 6 month of age
  • Weight capacity of 50 pound
  • Great safety in terms of safety harness
  • Lower storage basket and big parent console
  • Great Tire

Cons of First Years Stroller

No product is free from error and that is why, here is a list of all the negative sides of this product:

  • The storage compartment is smaller compared to others
  • Not great for people who do not go out a lot

Final Words

Overall, if you are a frequent user of strollers then this is a great product for you. On the other hand, if you are someone who do not use stroller a lot then this might not be the right choice.

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