Tempurpedic vs Loom and Leaf Mattress Comparison

The competition of mattresses today comes from two great companies, Tempurpedic and Loom & Leaf. The Tempurpedic is where you can find the luxury mattresses. Meanwhile, Loom and Leaf is where you need to look for, if you are a picky buyer who want to know clearly about the thing you are going to buy. Here is the full Tempurpedic vs Loom and Leaf Mattress Review, if you need more information.

Loom & Leaf Mattress


The Loom and Leaf mattress is constructed from 4 different foam layers for total 12 inches in thickness.

Top layer – this is made of 2.0″ of gel memory foam, has been infused with cooling gel and comes in 4 pounds. This layer will provide you cushion and softness right from your initial touch. Along with that, it dissipates heat to provide cooling feel.

Second layer – this layer is made of 2.5″ of memory foam but comes in 5 pound. It is designed to provide deep compression support, and reduces pressure points on your body.

Third layer –  this layer is made of 2.0″ transition poly foam. This layer acts as transitional layer.

Bottom layer – this layer is made of 5.5″ support foam. It comes in high density. This acts as the strong foundation of the mattress.

Loom & Leaf mattress layers

Loom & Leaf mattress layers


The material is made of 100% organic cotton. This material helps it soft to feel and highly breathable. Along with that, it is quilted with a 5/8″ soft foam. This provides extra cushion and softness for sleepers. In addition, the recent models of Loom & Leaf are designed to provide more supportive midsection. This change in the design helps the mattress create less sinkage within the lower back and torso area. Finally, the Loom and Leaf uses all natural thistle within the cover to acts as a flame retardant, which is agreat alternative to chemical based flame retardants.

Loom & Leaf mattress cover

Close up shot of the Loom & Leaf mattress cover

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Firmness, Comfort, Support, and Others

The Loom and Leaf offers you two different options for firmness. The L&L Relaxed Firm has 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale (where 10 is the firmest), while the firmer option, the L&L Firm, which comes in 8.5 out of 10.

Loom & Leaf mattress firmness

Loom & Leaf firmness

Overall, Loom & Leaf can create a balanced feel. It has moderate contour and sinkage. With normal uses and average weight, Loom & Leaf mattress may create 2 – 3 inches of sinkage. Along with that, cooling gel is infused in foam, making it very cool to sleep on.

Additional Information

Warranty – 15 years

Trial Period – 120 nights

Returns – you can also get your 100% money back with the trial period

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Tempurpedic Mattress


The Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze mattress is built from 4 different layers, for totaling 11.5″ in height. In addition, this mattress is made of all foams as the materials for the construction.

Top layer (comfort) – this is made of 2″ of visco elastic memory foam. This layer provides the contour and hug feel for sleepers.

Second layer (comfort & support) – this is made of 2″ of visco elastic memory foam. This foam is slightly firmer than the top layer. This layer will work with the top layer to provide comfort and support.

Third layer (support) –  this is made of 4″ of polyurethane foam. The third layer acts as the primary transition layer.

Bottom layer (support & foundation) – this is made of 3.5″ of polyurethane foam. The bottom layer acts as the deep compression support and foundational base for the mattress all together.

Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze mattress layers

Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze mattress layers


The Cloud Supreme Breeze cover is constructed from a blend of polyester (94%) and spandex (6%). This unique blend makes the cover nice, soft, and flexible feel. Additionally, the cover comes in a two-tone color scheme, grey and white, broken up by a thin blue strip. Although the blue line seems small, but it adds some flare to the cover as a whole.

More ideally, the top piece of fabric used on this mattress can regulate body temperatures. In addition, the cover is thin, also helping to improve the breathability. Finally, you are allowed to remove the white piece of fabric for washing tasks.

Tempur-pedic Mattress Review

Firmness, Comfort, Support, and Others

In terms of firmness, Tempurpedic has medium firmness, which comes in at a 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale (where 10 is the most firm).

Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Firmness

Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Firmness

Because this mattress is fairly soft, it tends to create more sinkage. With average weight (around 150 pounds), it may create 3 – 3.5 inches of sinkage. Due to this level of sinkage, it can be beneficial to side sleepers. However, heavy or stomach sleepers may not feel supportive enough when lying on this mattress. They may experience too much hug feel, which increases the heat retention as a result. Along with that, it would be a bit disappointed if you expect this mattress has bounce.

Additional Information

  • Trial Period – varies by retailer
  • Refunds – varies by retailer
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Where it is made? – the cover is made in Mexico, the foam is made in the USA, and the mattress is built in the USA.

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Loom and Leaf vs Tempurpedic Mattress Comparison

Tempurpedic or Loom and Leaf Mattress, Which is Better?

Which one is better would depend on your needs and preferences for a mattress. These are the reasons you should go for each mattress:

Loom & Leaf:

Transparency – you know exactly the details of the mattress, from materials used for making the mattress, to the thickness, the density and anything else associated with the mattress.

Materials – Loom & Leaf is packed with high quality materials such as organic cotton cover, natural thistle fire barrier, plant-based foams, spinal cooling gel pad, gel infused foam and etc.

Comfort – Loom and Leaf has a balanced feel and two firmness levels to choose.

Cooling – Loom & Leaf is cool for sleeping due to having cooling gel infusion.

Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze:

You like the medium feel – the Cloud Supreme Breeze may fit the needs of side sleepers

You enjoy a pronounced level of sinkage and hug – this mattress would allow you to be sunk far down into the mattress.

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