How to Tell When It Is Time to Replace Your Down Comforter

A down comforter is like a quilt or a thick blanket that is filled with smooth feathers of duck or geese. These comforters are extremely soft, light, luxurious and warm. It gives warmth to your body when you snuggle into it during cold winter days. In these remarkably popular down comforters, the feathers are spread flat, and it does not contain any hard shaft, which makes the comforter fluffy and soft. The fluffy filaments in the bed covering have the capacity to hold your body heat and release the moisture. But, you must take proper care of your comforter if you want it to long last. After using it for several years, it may get worn out and you can easily tell that you need to replace your down comforter.



Down comforters do tire out and here is an easy way to find if you need to replace your down comforter.

First, remove the comforter cover, and then hold the comforter up near a window where the sunlight is coming in or to a light. Now, through this process, you can easily tell if your comforter is worn out or not, as you can see the empty space of less down in the quilt compartments if it wore out.
The down move where you rest your shoulders, this is because when you turn and toss at night, your shoulders generate chafing between the down clusters. After using the comforter for a longer period the down degrades to dust and comes out of the comforter shell. Sometimes, you can see literally two layers of fabric as there is no down left in the compartments, and it won’t offer any insulation value at all.
A good quality comforter can sustain between 8 and 15 years. You can extend the life of your comforter by keeping it properly, and not sleeping on top of it because it causes more friction on these delicate and smooth-down clusters.
For king size comforters, you can re-stuff the down into the duvet cover. The comforters are in a rectangular shape as its width is longer than the length, which is why it is compulsory to spread the feathers correctly.

How to tell when it is time to replace your down comforter includes:

Poking Feathers:

If you feel the feathers inside the cover are poking, then it is the time to change your comforter, as these feathers make small holes in the fabric. The best comforter fabric is the one with a higher thread count, it is better to purchase the high-quality fabric for longer life.

Duvet Cover:

Remember, it is important to use the duvet cover for your comforter, as it protects the comforter from damage, and it gives extended life to your comforter. You can remove the cover and wash it, and you can get several duvet covers according to your bedroom design and décor. If you see more stain and clusters on the comforter, then it is time to change the down comforter.

Stitching is gone:

Down comforters are similar to quilts, which means even down comforters are in rectangular shape and they are stitched into squares, and the geese or duck feathers fill in each square. These square keep the feather in place and they hold them tight and not allow them to go down to the sides or bottom of the comforter. If you notice the stitching is gone between the square, then the feather will move to one corner, which means it is time to replace your down comforter.

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