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Many people feel nerve-racking when having to choose a new mattress. That’s because there is a myriad of choices for types, materials, and prices available in the market. Along with that, many shopping sites just try to make profits on the deals rather than trying to provide buyers the benefits of their products.

For such reasons, Sleepopolis uk was created (This is a new upcoming version of This website is dedicated to helping people reduce the buying process for the right mattress of their own based on their personal sleeping preferences, budget, and a variety of other factors. All the mattress reviews or mattress comparisons are done with careful research, analysis, and examination.

sleepopolis mattress reviews

Find Your Right Mattress – Sleepopolis

Why have to be be nerve-racking when choosing a mattress? With the search tool below, everything will be never easier to find the right mattress for you. Just fill out your preferences below, and pick your right mattress up. It takes you no time to do.

Sleepopolis Mattress Reviews Are offered by Categories

The mattresses are grouped together, relying on their best performance on certain function or its similarities in materials, types and sleepers’ needs. If you are a side sleeper, we have the side sleeper mattress review. If you are looking for the best foam mattress, the foam mattress review will provide you a focused discussion on this topic. With these categories, your search for best mattress will be easier and quicker

Our Mattress Review Process

Personally tested – before we become reviewers, we are sleepers who have been sleeping many types of mattress. Also, we know how important of a best mattress can improve our sleep. This means, all we say, judge or assess aren’t simply the copy from others’ words. In many cases, we truly experience the products we’re saying about.

Packed with Many Researches – we don’t want that our reviews are just packed with our subjective opinions.  With every mattress review, we try our best to provide the judgments as objective as possible. Other reviews on mattresses are also considered as valuable. Usually, the trusted blogs or websites on mattress reviews are carefully chosen to read. In addition, this doesn’t mean only reviews that contain compliments are picked up, the bias on certain reviews are worth reading. If there is any negative judgments on certain mattress existing we aren’t afraid of telling our readers to know.

How is Each Mattress Detailed?

There are many factors that build up the quality of a mattress including materials, how it is constructed, and technologies are used to manufacture. When choosing the best mattress, sleepers want to be clear about these, so that they can have their own assessments. Sleepopolis uk knows this and try to provide overt and explicit information about each mattress. This means the review covers all details of a mattress including each layer of construction, the materials, the thickness, and even the density of foam. Along with that, any company’s policies like refunds, warranty, or mattress coupons when purchasing the mattress are also included.

Material – materials are those that determine how different a mattress will feel, its firmness, comfort, support and heat retention. In addition, other material-related issues like odor, safety, durability, and price, are also mentioned.

Firmness – each mattress is designed to provide different firmness. With each Sleepopolis mattress reviews, you are offered the firmness level of each mattress, generally where 10 is considered as the firmest level. However, this is a quite subjective measurement because, in reality, there is no standard measurement for mattress in mattress industry.

Comfort – generally each mattress is described in details how it feels when you lie on the mattress. Does it have pronounced bounce or softness, how deep the amount of sinkage it may create when certain weight is placed on the mattress, whether it will be contoured to your body shape? And others.

Bonus:Use to buying mattress under $200

Support – this still be a misleading thing for some who think that firmness is the same as support. This just means how good the mattress keep your spine in proper alignment. A soft mattress can still be supportive to your spine.

Cooling Feel – most sleepers want that their mattress is constructed from materials that doesn’t absorb and retain heat, so that, it provides cooling feel. Everything that can make sense in terms of heat retention will be analyzed clearly. It can be a certain material like memory foam, the ways of a foam is manufactured like aerated holes or smart grids, or cooling gel infusion.

Edge support – for some sleepers, this is taken as an important thing to consider when choosing a mattress. A mattress that has strong edges is possible to support sitting and amorous activities.

Odors – there are many sleepers can’t stand the strong smell found in mattress. Some can feel dizzy. The fact is, it is not rare to find out the mattresses that contain smells. When choosing a mattress, people need to know whether the smell contained in the mattress will take forever to disappear or it will go away after several days after taking out its package. That’s why each Sleepopolis mattress always tries to let you know clearly about this.

Refund – it is always better to have a refund policy when choosing a mattress, right? Each mattress review is also clear about this.

Trial period – most of the mattresses are reviewed by Sleepopolisuk come with trial period when purchasing the mattress. How many nights you can try it out before you can really make a decision on the price will depend on each company, which is different.

Warranty – each company offers different warranty. A good warranty should be long to cover the mattress’s expected life. In addition, Along with that, over time, a mattress tends to create some degree of indentation. A best warranty should cover minor indentation in the foams.

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