Royal Hotel’s King Size Goose Down Alternative Comforter Review


Royal-Hotels-Thread-Alternative-ComforterDuring hard frozen winter, a comfy down comforter is absolutely indispensable for a good and cozy sleep. Imagine that the whole family cuddles up together under the coziest quilt and watching the brand-new phenomenal HBO Westworld TV Series in the Sunday evening… Nothing warmly happier than that!

Winter is coming, beside saving at least 10 percent yearly electric bill when reduce 1 degree on the thermostat every night, you contribute to sustainable development as well as protecting environment.

When it comes to high-end comforter for tight budgeting, we must mention the Royal Hotel’s King Size Goose Down Alternative Comforter thank to its tremendous benefits it brings to us.

Royal Hotel’s 300 Thread Count King Size Goose Down Alternative Comforter Pros & Cons analysis

Rated 4.5/5.0 stars by 654 satisfied customers, this number is worth more than a thousand lines of review. This duvet has earned a good reputation for being anti-allergic, perfectly soft, warm and light-weighted. As its title, this awesome quilt will turn your bed into a royal luxury cozy fancy five- star hotel mattress.

Royal Hotel, the well-known luxury bedding stuffs manufacturer, also offers the queen size royal hotel’s comforter for who doesn’t have a king size bed at home.


  1. Thanks to the high end goose down alternative material, the royal hotel’s 300 Thread Duvet is light-weighted and very fluffy as well as silky. This material also maintains good insulation which keeps you warm throughout the night. Moreover, the best part of this material is the hypo-allergenic ability which permits the goose down allergic patients to enjoy the cozy feelings of hiding themselves under a goose down comforter.
  2. More than 750 Fill power is the second advantage of this product. Fill power is a measure of the loft of a down product (Wikipedia). The higher this number the more insulated the quilt will be. This measurement ranges between 300 and 900 in which Royal Hotel’s 300T almost reaches the highest fill power available on the market.
  3. 300 Thread Count is likewise a plus. Thread Count is the measurement of thread quantity within a square inch. According to Consumer Reports, a 200 Thread Count is rather good but a 400 one will generate much more softness. However, any products with higher 400 TC increase solely price, not softness.
  4. The luxury bedding stuff is well sewn based on Baffle Wall Box design which holds the down alternative feathers firmly, prevents them from shifting to the corners.
  5. Thanks to the robustness of this comforter cover, you are free from dust and feathers leak.
  6. Lower price in comparison to a fully goose down comforter but similarly effective.
  7. It’s possible to wash Royal Hotel’s 300T Goose Down Alternative Comforter by a washing machine.


  1. Rather pricier than the other similar products.
  2. After multiple time washing, the comforter can be torn apart

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