Pregnancy Pillows : Post Partum Benefits

Many women purchase pregnancy pillows at the first sight of being uncomfortable during the night. For most women, this comes at the beginning of the second trimester, when the abdomen becomes noticeably larger. Upon purchasing the pillow, mothers to be do not expect to get benefits from the pillow after the pregnancy ends. To their surprise, however, a pregnancy pillow can offer many post partum benefits. The following are some of the benefits that you can expect to receive after the baby has made his arrival.

C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillows

Increased comfort during feedings. Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience for baby and mom. It can sometimes be hard to find the perfect feeding position. A pregnancy pillow offers support for moms who are breastfeeding. Baby can lie in a comfortable position on the pillow while mom adjusts her body to conform to the baby. A pregnancy pillow helps breastfeeding become a truly enjoyable experience.

Helps promote a healing uterus. After baby is born, it is essential to do what you can to help your uterus return back to its normal state. This is done naturally through breast feeding. Sleeping with a pregnancy pillow can help put pressure on a uterus that is working hard to return back to pre-pregnancy condition.

Added comfort for aches and pain after delivery. Delivery can be a traumatic experience. A new mom can experience pain from the delivery for quite some time. This pain can cause many sleepless nights as finding a comfortable position to sleep in can be difficult. This is especially true for moms who have undergone a cesarean birth. The pregnancy pillows can provide added comfort for moms who have delivered naturally and by cesarean.

Comfort at its best. Many moms choose to keep sleeping with their pregnancy body pillow after birth simply because it helps them sleep better. Some form attachments to the pillow and refuse to give it up. The comfort of the pillow often draws the attention of dad. It then becomes a battle between who will sleep with the pregnancy pillow. What is known as a maternity pillow quickly becomes the pillow of choice for both mom and dad. Consider purchasing two pillows if this becomes your battle!

Pregnancy pillows offer many benefits for expecting mothers. You may be surprised, though, at the benefits you will see after the baby is born. The pillow can help with breastfeeding and also help soothe aches and pain that can be caused by delivery. It offers support for a healing uterus. By sleeping on the pregnancy pillow, the uterus is receiving the pressure that it needs to help return it back to its natural state. If you are pregnant and are considering buying a pregnancy pillow there is certainly a pillow that will work for you. If you are in the post partum stage, consider the many benefits that a maternity pillow can offer you. It is truly comfort at its best for both you and baby.

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