High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy


High blood pressure is also known as hypertension; it is a blood pressure that systematically reads 90 diastolic or above 140 systolic. It is a severe medical problem which has become a serious concern to expectant women. This is because the consistent increase in blood pressure during the gestation period…

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Wine During Pregnancy

Pregnant Woman Reaching for Glass of Wine --- Image by © Corbis

There is a lot of contention where people are having divided opinion whether it is safe to drink wine during pregnancy or not. Some people say that drinking wine is helpful since it enables an expectant mother to make an informed decision. Besides, they claim that wine is beneficial to…

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Diarrhea During Pregnancy


Diarrhea is a condition that is characterised by frequent passage of loose and watery stool. Besides, it is accompanied by cramps, abdominal bloating and inflammation of the gastrointestinal path that includes the stomach and small intestine. Pregnant women frequently experience this condition during the gestation period. This article apparently explores…

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Linea Nigra and Pregnancy


Linea nigra, also known as the pregnancy line, is a dark line that appears across the belly. The line typically runs from the navel to the pubic area. There is a probability that the line existed before but unnoticeable because of its light color. The light line that exists before…

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Is Zyrtec Safe During Pregnancy?


For starters, Zyrtec (generic name Cetirizine) is a medication indicated for the treatment symptoms caused by allergy such as a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, itching and hives. It belongs to a class of medicines known as antihistamines and works by blocking the activities of a substance that occurs naturally…

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How to Teach Your Baby to Walk


If your baby is 4 years old, it is time for him/her to gradually transition from sitting up to being able to walk around on his/her own. Generally, babies who are between 10 months and 18 months begin walking by themselves. However, it is a gradual process that may transition…

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What Pregnant Women Need To Know About Zika


The Zika virus is an insect-borne illness transmitted by mosquito. Two species of mosquito-spread it. These are the Aedes aegypti mostly found in the tropics and the Aedes albopictus mostly found in temperate regions. The Zika virus originated in Uganda in Africa then later circulated in Asia, across Pacific Ocean,…

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Spectrapure CSP Reverse Osmosis System Review And Analysis

The SpectraPure CSP line of reverse osmosis filtration systems and reverse osmosis coupled with deionization are some of the smallest yet most efficient and long lasting systems available. The systems are designed for household use but can accommodate industrial needs that are small. Multiple systems can be attached at different…

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Baby Pillow for Flat Head


Flat head syndrome is common in new born babies. It refers to a condition where the baby’s head develops a flat spot. This flat spot occurs when a lot of pressure is exerted on a particular area of the head. There are two conditions that refer to the flat head;…

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How Often You Need to Change Your Pillow


When was the last time you slept on a brand new pillow? If you can’t answer right away, the answer is probably too long ago. Statistics point that on average people keep their pillows for over three years, and just about half change their bedding and pillow when they realize…

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