Oversized – Total Body Pillow

Oversized - Total Body PillowPregnancy is a strange period for a woman. It offers her the much needed happiness because of the end result she expects, but the mine months she has to struggle through it – oh boy, only a mother can tell you what she has to put through and how much she has to sacrifice in order to make sure she can get a sweet, cute baby delivered without any problems.

As if restrictions on her diet are not enough, she also has to take care of her sleeping position or else her body would complain bitterly. Of course, every one of us want a comfortable sleep but for pregnant mothers it is a must-have requirement.

Today I am gonna review the “Oversized – Total Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow- Full Support” for you, an ideal pillow for expectant mothers, made by a registered nurse keeping pregnant women in mind.

Features of Oversized – Total Body Pillow

They manufacture only high quality pillows and this one is no exception either. I have bought several Leachco pillows over the years and this pillow contains features that are unique to Leachco only:

Support for multiple positions: From my own experience I can say that a person can seldom sleep and wake up in the same position. As a matter of fact our body changes positions even when we are unconscious.

One needs a pillow which offers support for any and every sleeping position. For instance, I usually sleep on my back but sometimes I wake up to find myself sleeping on my tummy or on the side! Yes, I used to get body aches every morning, but all that is history now, thanks to these wonderful pillows.

I only wish they would change its name: it is not just for pregnant mothers, it is a pillow suitable for any and everyone.

Its trademark ‘candy cane’ position is designed to offer you full body support, right from your head to your toe. It has a short section designed to support your upper body, while the longer section provides comfort to your shoulders, legs and back.

Even if you are a tall person, these pillows can accommodate you. The head portion is wide enough to offer support for an unlimited number of sleeping positions.

Even if you sleep with your knees bent, these pillows would keep you from suffering from any kind of body aches the next morning. The length of these pillows is perfect to prevent the straining of your back and knees.

Support for multiple curves: Pregnant women need support for their inner curves and I am yet to find a pillow other than the Oversized – Total Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow- Full Support which offers that much support.

It has three specially designed contour shapes which offer one hundred percent comfort, elevation and support to pregnant mothers.

For those expectant mothers who are in the latter stages of pregnancy, these pillows offer a short section in the shape of a bell to provide support for their abdomen and back.

Cool, durable fabric: The fabric of these pillows is made of polyester fiberfill and cotton – this is to make sure that the fabric lasts a long time.

The cover is made of ivory and even if you wash it with a washing machine it would still stay just as it is – without any damages!

A pillow that literally nurses your body, offers you total comfort, helps you sleep longer, offers support for multiple sleeping positions, and in general, relieves you from stress and pain – can any price be too great for such a pillow?

However, I found these pillows a lot cheaper than other similar pillows (I bought these from Amazon.com, by the way). All in all, I don’t think I can recommend the Oversized – Total Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow- Full Support enough.

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