How To Make A Moders Style Wooden Bed

How to make a modern style wooden bedKeep reading what is side sleeper pillow?

Are you tired of having sleepless nights because of your rickety and squeaky metal bed? Have you considered getting a wooden bed frame? The beauty and elegance of a bedroom are defined by a good bed – it is the room’s focal point and can add a wonderful appeal to your room. If you would like to enjoy a peaceful slumber in a warm and comfortable bed, getting the right frame is highly unavoidable. However, a big beautiful and comfortable bed can be expensive which might make you dig deep into your savings. Would you like to put your hands to work and build your own customized bed for a fraction of the price? Yes? Let’s learn!

Let’s learn how to make a modern style platform bed with a wooden frame step by step.

Measure you mattress

Measure your mattress to avoid added expenses. Take note that your platform should be 1inch wider and 1inch longer than the mattress. In that case, when you put the mattress on the finished platform bed, you will have an inch extra on each side of the mattress. To get the measurements of the base of the platform, subtract 12 inches from the length and width of the mattress. Remember, the base should be smaller than the platform to keep you from hitting your toes on the base when you get into your bed.

Collect the needed tools

To get started, you need to understand what you need and collect the materials. You need;

  1. A circular saw
  2. 3 decking screws, carpenters putty.
  3. Corded drill machine for woodworking. Check ToolsInside to find out more drills.

iii. Basic L brackets

  1. MDF or Plywood
  2. Cuts of lumber which include; Two pieces of 85″ 2×4, Two pieces of 75″ 2×12, Eight pieces of 19 3/8 2×4, Five pieces of 67″ 2×4 and Four pieces of 57″ 2×12
  3. Painting and staining materials

vii. Carpenter’s square

Create the base frame

When deciding how tall to build your platform, consider things such as outlets, baseboard heaters and the thickness of your mattress.

With the help of standard butt joints, use the decking screws you collected in step 1 above to join together the 75″ 2x12s and two of the 57″ 2x12s into a 60″x75″ box. Add the base bracers by sliding in the remaining 57″ 2x12s. Then space the box into thirds and screw the braces into place.

With the help of a carpenter’s square, make sure all the boards meet at 90-degree angle

Build the platform frame

With the help of standard butt joints, join together the 85″ 2x4s and two of the 67″ 2x4s into a 70″x85″ box using the decking screws. After building the frame, add the platform bracers by sliding in the remaining 67″ 2x4s cuts of lumber.

Next, space the box into 4 sections and then use the decking screws to screw the bracers into place.

Add the supports

Between the bracers, add the 19 3/8″ 2x4s lumbers two of each to a section and space them evenly.

In addition, you need to stagger them such that the leftmost and the second right most sections have the supports at the same level. The second leftmost and the rightmost also should have the supports at the same level.

Make sure that you attach these with the decking screws also. Cover the screw heads with wood putty then stain the outside of the base and give it time to dry. Alternatively, you can also secure the head of the screws by securing the boards from the inside of the frame using the best pocket hole jig or a corner bracket.

Reinforce the joints and corners

Use the L brackets you collected to reinforce the platform and the inside of the corners. For added strength, you can also add the L brackets around some of the interior joints also.

Add the plywood surface

Trace and cut the plywood to fit into the surface of the platform perfectly. Attach the plywood to the inside bracers using the decking screws in such a way that the screws won’t show on the exposed platform. This might take approximately two pieces of plywood to cover so be prepared.

Final Touches

Using a sander, sand the wood and then stain or paint the bed to your desired color

The work is done! Now arrange the platform on top of the base in your preferred location. Next, attach the platform to the base with a number of strategically placed L brackets.


Top the nicely made platform with your king size mattress and enjoy.

Just like that! You now have your nicely made wooden bed. It’s time to sleep, relax and enjoy!

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