Luxi Mattress Review

Do you need a mattress that you can easily change the firmness levels by yourself? It is impossible with other mattresses, but Luxi mattress can offer different firmness levels with one investment.

To discover more, keep reading my full Luxi mattress review. There are still many useful things to discuss about this great mattress. This article writing by Jenny Susan – Founder of SideSleeperReviews.

Luxi Mattress’s Materials


Luxi mattress’s construction consists of 4 layers of foam with 10 inches in total thickness. What makes it unique is you can swap three top layers for adjusting its firmness levels. As for medium version, the Luxi mattress’s construction will be like this:

Top layer – it is made of  1.5″ of Dunlop latex. This material is very good at pressure relief and bounce. Along with that, it is pretty firm. In addition, this latex is aerated, which results in more air can go through the mattress.

Second layer – memory foam is used for the second layer, but it is fairly thin when just 1 inch in thickness is used. Additionally, this memory foam layer acts like a transitional layer.

Third layer – this is made of memory foam heads with 3.5 inches in total thickness. This layer is designed to provide better compression and contour at every light weights.

Bottom layer – the material is used for making the bottom layer called polyurethane foam. It comes in 3.5 inches and acts as a foundational base.

Medium Luxi mattress layers

Medium Luxi mattress layers

Ideally, the construction can be recreated by yourself. If you don’t like this firmness level, and want to have a softer feel, just flip the top three layers. It means the new version has the memory foam heads as a top layer. Meanwhile, latex and memory foam become the middle layers.

Soft Luxi mattress layers

Soft Luxi mattress layers

Cover of Luxi Mattress

The cover of Luxi mattress is made of a combination of polyester (73%), viscose (23%), and elastane aka spandex (4%). This combination results breathability and elasticity. Along with that, it is quilted with 1/2″ of foam, which adds more cushion and softness to the cover.

Aesthetically, the surface comes in white tone with “waterfall edge”, which means the surface is not straight line edges. Meanwhile, a grey strip runs along the bottom perimeter of the mattress. Additionally, there is a zipper that separates these two parts. For this outer look, it is nice and still be modern, but it looks wider than it actually is. Probably, it is because of the white tone.

Firmness levels, Support and Others

What makes Luxi mattress stand out from many high-end mattresses is ability to change the firmness levels. By recreating the construction, we can have three firmness levels:

Luxi mattress firmness levels

Luxi mattress firmness levels

  • For medium firmness level the order of layers will be latex, memory foam, memory foam heads and polyurethane foam (poly support foam). What this level offers? Because latex is on top, this version provides better bounce and responsiveness than pretty firm feel and softest feel. Additionally, it also provides a fairly good contour to your body. For this firmness, side and back sleepers would like this.
  • For softest feel, the order of the layers will be memory foam heads, memory foam, latex and poly support foam is also the bottom layer. With this version, the mattress tends to absorb more heat. Along with that, it provides less bounce and less pressure relief. Other cons is the mattress will show more sinkage than other versions.
  • For pretty firm feel, just place the poly support foam on the top, and the order of bottom layers will be memory foam heads, memory foam and latex is the base. With this version, you will get the slight amount of sinkage, but the mattress is still hotter. Plus, stomach sleepers tend to like this version than others.

Overall, each version will suit the needs of certain sleepers, and can’t suit all sleepers. Along with that, due to the different features of each material, you have to accept when you get the pros of that version, you have to sacrifice the cons of it at the same time. Furthermore, if comparing this Luxi mattress (medium version) to many its competitions, it is still softer. Especially, when you sitting on the edge or standing on the mattress, the sinkage is quite deep.

Additionally, people may wonder whether it is difficult to assemble the mattress. It is quite easy and simple to do manually. In addition, the top 3 layers are contained within a Lycra, which helps you easy to flip over.

Additional Information

Warranty – we are offered 10 years when buying a Luxi mattress

Trial period – Luxi gives you 1000 nights to try their mattress. It is incredible, right? But this is not a bad thing

Where is it made – the product is made in USA

Size – we have 6 options for size, when choosing the mattress: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King

Price – the prices are affordable, but depending on each size we choose, the price can be different a bit.

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Luxi Mattress’s Recommendations

Luxi brings a new ideal for their mattress, which can be manually recreated the construction at home as an individual’s preference. This ideal makes Luxi stand out from many great mattresses out there. In addition, the price of this mattress is very reasonable. No size of mattress comes at over $1,500. Here are reasons I highly recommend Luxi mattress for you:

  • If you don’t know exactly what comfort you really need, remember that Luxi can be recreated by yourself, and the assembling task is very simple to do manually
  • You are a person who considers 1000 days of trial period is a big deal
  • You just want a reasonable price when choosing a mattress, Luxi mattresses are very affordable


Knowing exactly what firmness level that is right for you is very important when choosing a mattress. However, each company has its own standard for this. For that reason, the idea that each layer can be flipped over for changing the firmness comes as nice thing to notice. Interestingly, the company offers 1000 nights as a try, which sounds unbelievable, but it happens with Luxi mattress.

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