Li’l Bottle Helper Lets Busy Moms Multitask

If you’re finding it hard to keep up with the demands of feeding your baby and running your household, you might want to look into getting a Li’l Bottle Helper. This is a plastic device that fits around your baby’s bottle so he or she can feed independently.

It comes in pink or blue and is ergonomically designed to match an infant’s natural nursing posture.

When my son was born, I got lots of lectures from the “no bottle propping” parents who insisted I should drop everything whenever my baby wanted to eat and hold him as long as possible.

This worked out OK for the first few months, then I decided that I’d really like to be able to shower or eat a meal that required two hands. So, bottle propping on occasion seemed like the only option.

Despite what the “no bottle propping” parents claimed, my son suffered no ill effects from the occasional propped bottle. He is eight now and has perfect teeth with no cavities. He’s only required antibiotics only twice in his life. (Both times were when he was in kindergarten, so he was way past the age of blaming it on the occasional propped bottle.)

For the busy mom in need of some multitasking assistance, I think the design of the Li’l Bottle Helper is preferable to using a blanket or pillows to prop up the bottle. Letting your baby grip the holder gives him more control over his intake and makes him less likely to choke.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you should let your baby use this device unattended. (Even when I resorted to bottle propping, I was always in the same room as my son.)

What do you think of the Li’l Bottle Helper? Would you use a device like this with your child?

Photo credit: Li’l Bottle Helper

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