Lifefactory Offers Stylish and Eco-Friendly Glass Water Bottles

I’m not sure where they all end up, but my family goes through an insane amount of water bottles. It seems like I’m in the habit of buying new bottles every three or four months because our current stash has disappeared.

Part of me suspects water bottles end up in the same black hole that all of our socks keep getting sucked into!

During my latest search for water bottles, I discovered Lifefactory’s glass and silicone water bottles. Since I keep hearing about plastic water bottles containing harmful chemicals, and I do feel like water tastes better out of a glass container, these seem like they might be a good idea.

I also like that the silicone sleeve prevents breakage, since my son has a tendency to drop anything made of glass, and all of the online reviews I’ve found say the sleeves are quite effective at keeping the bottles in one piece.

The Lifefactory reusable glass water bottles are BPA-free, phthalate-free, and dishwasher safe. They have a wide mouth opening and your choice of either screw-top or flip-top lids. You can choose from several different colors of silicone sleeves. Bottle sizes range from 9 ounce water bottles for children to extra large 22 ounce water bottles for adults.

Unfortunately, these water bottles are pricey for an item that stands a good chance of getting accidentally left at school or the park. The 22 ounce bottles I want are $24.99 each. Since we normally keep six to eight bottles around, that’s a huge expense.

If you’ve seen any glass water bottles that are similar to these but a little more affordable, please let me know!

Photo credit: Lifefactory

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