Kymdan Latex Mattress Review

Many people know how good a latex mattress is as compared to other types of mattress. However, they don’t know which manufacturer is the best for this? Have you ever heard of a brand name from Asia? ‘Yeap, today, we are going to introduce a very new mattress’s name in US market, named Kymdan latex mattress.

This mattress is manufactured by Kymdan Company, a well-known name in Vietnam, an Asian country, but the company just targeted at US mattress market in December, 2017. Let’s see more details about this mattress!

Currently, Kymdan mattress are only available at the 14972 Beach Blvd., Westminster, CA 92683 (USA). They have not been sold online at online retailers, including Amazon or Ebay. I will notify you when they start selling online. You can see Kymdan latex mattress price on their website. Check more cheap mattress under 1000 dollars.

Kymdan Latex Mattress Construction

Kymdan latex mattress is available in three different thickness including 4 inches, 6 inches and 8 inches. All of them are constructed from 100% natural latex, instead of having multiple layers like other mattresses. Using natural latex, it provides many great benefits, which are very different from synthetic latex mattresses, and other types of mattress.

inch Kymdan Latex Mattress

Kymdan Mattress Cover

Kymdan uses the finest imported materials for the mattress cover. It comes in white tone and looks beautifully aesthetic. Along with that, the material used for making this cover is very soft to touch and highly breathable. In addition, Kymdan mattress has an additional removable cover for their mattress. This allows it to better protect the core and easier to do the cleaning tasks.

cover of Kymdan Latex Mattress

Firmness, Support, Comfort and Others

As Kymdan claims on the Kymdan’s official website, this mattress has 15 outstanding features. Let’s focus on the most outstanding features of them!

Kymdan Latex Mattress

First, latex mattresses are generally very well-known for great bounce, quick responsiveness and high elasticity, but this Kymdan latex mattress is even better than others due to the unique method that Kymdan uses during manufacturing process. Its high elasticity allows itself to easily be folded and return to original shape after the pressures or compressions are taken away.

More importantly, these great bounce and quick responsiveness and high elasticity help sleepers have great sleeping experience every night. This means you will feel a nice contour and a little sinkage, but never stuck in the mattress.

Second, the mattress has a good firmness and support, which allows sleepers maintain a proper alignment of spine. More ideally, there are three firmness levels for you to choose. Kymdan names the different firmness levels as Standard Hard (SDH), Special Hard (SSH) and Super Special Hard (SSH): The SDH level is best used for light sleepers who weighs less than 176 pounds and for those who sleep on their side, the SSH is recommended for those weighing around 220 pounds and more suitable for back sleepers, and lastly is SSH level that is designed for heavy people and stomach sleepers.

Third, Kymdan latex mattress is fairly breathable due to the unique design of its construction. It has small round holes on the surface, square holes placed on the mattress base. These holes allow air to flow through the mattress easily. Hence, sleepers are kept cool all night long.

Fourth, natural latex isn’t rated as good as synthetic latex for longevity, but Kymdan has a unique solution for this. Hence, Kymdan latex mattress can generally last 25 years. Though, it is still new to US consumers, its great longevity has recognized by its native sleepers.

Fifth, this Kymdan mattress also performs excellently in terms of motion transfer. This makes it ideal to share bed with your partner. If your partner makes movements, the motion is localized. Hence, your sleep won’t be disturbed during the night.

Lastly, due to using natural latex, it has no odors that can cause uncomfortable or dizzy feel.

Kymdan Latex Mattress Review

Additional Information

Warranty – Kymdan offers 15 years as a limited warranty for their each latex mattress. There are also things coming with the warranty. If you need more information about the Kymdan’s warranty policy, check these links:

Where it is made – In Vietnam, an Asian Country (Kymdan company just started selling their mattresses in USA in December, 2017).

Shipping fee – your mattress will be directly shipped to your door without any shipping costs. But you need to wait for approximately 5 to 7 business days for delivery, after your payment has been received.

Return policy – you are allowed to return the mattress to get your refund or exchange for a new mattress under the condition that the mattress hasn’t been misused.

Certifications – to target at consumers in US market, Kymdan mattresses had to pass a lot of tests in order to meet the international standards for quality and safety including fire retardant. Especially, it has been affirmed by UL – Underwriters Laboratories for bacteria resistant. That means, KYMDAN’s mattresses have been certified by several globally recognized, prestigious organizations for product quality and safety.

Who may Need this Kymdan Latex Mattress?

All types of sleepers – the nice thing is Kymdan has different firmness levels for you to choose, so whatever what type of sleeper you are, you always have your right support and comfort from Kymdan latex mattress.

Who looks for cooling mattress – Kymdan latex mattress doesn’t absorb and retain heat to cause warm feeling like memory foam mattresses. In addition, it is designed to be highly breathable. This results in cooling feel when sleeping on it.

Who is a fan of latex mattresses – latex mattresses are highly bouncy, quickly responsive, and great comfy. All these things make people into them. This Kymdan latex mattress is even better to choose, because it is made of natural latex.


Coming from an Asian country may make consumers skeptical a bit about the quality of this Kymdan latex mattress. However, if it is judged without any bias, Kymdan latex mattress is indeed excellent. So, if you are looking for a best latex mattress, why don’t you take this Kymdan latex mattress into your considerations?

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