IKEA Down Comforter Review

One of the best ways to relax after a tiring day at work is to lay down on a cozy bed. No matter what season it is, a soft and relaxing comforter can take all your stress away. IKEA is known as a top provider of high-quality furniture and products that improve the well-being and lifestyle of people around the world. So it is a no surprise that IKEA also offers outstanding comforters. The comforters come in a variety of fillings to ensure there is something for every type of user. Down comforters stand out as one of the most favoured products because they have soft feel and provide gentle warmth. We have created a special IKEA down comforters review to give you thorough information about this type of product, so it will be easier for you to make the right choice.

Top 3 IKEA Down Comforter Reviews

1. Ikea Comforter Sotvedel Down Full



The Sotvedel Down ensures extra heath for the cold winter evenings thanks to the additional filling it has. The material of the comforter is cotton and thus it guarantees that you will be warm enough. The filling inside the comforter is enough to maintain a stable temperature even during the cold months. For the cover IKEA has decided to use high-quality 252-thread cotton which doesn’t allow any of the filling to come out. The filling contains 75% duck down and 25% duck feathers. This formula ensures that you will get both gentle softness and comfy warmth.


  • As we mentioned in the review above, the comforter is warm and soft – ideal for winter nights.
  • All of the filling stays in place, so there won’t be any spot without filling and your whole body will be covered with warmth.
  • The inside of the comforter ensures a natural air flow so you won’t be sweating when you are using it.
  • Even if you sweat a bit, the feathers will absorb the moisture, so there is nothing to worry about.


  • We honestly don’t have any cons for this IKEA comforter.

2. Ikea Comforter Down, Cooler Comfort



The Blekvide IKEA comforter is suitable for people who are located in places with higher temperatures throughout the year or longer summers. It keeps you cool and comfy at the same time. This comforter has less down filling and is made of a special material which allows natural air flow. So no more sweating during the night – the Blekvide comforter will isolate you from the hot waves and bless you with cool good night sleep.


  • Blekvide has less filling which means it’s a thin comforter that can be used even during the summer
  • The outside is a combination of cotton and polyester which makes it very easy to maintain and clean. Plus, it dries out very fast.
  • You can clean it in a washing machine at 140 degrees.
  • You won’t have any problems with allergies and dust mites with this comforter.


  • Again, we couldn’t think of any disadvantages.

3. Ikea Honsbar Comforter, Cooler Comfort



The Honsbar Comforter contains 90% duck feather and 10% down filling. Its cover is made of cotton to provide a soft finish for gentle feel while you sleep or rest. This IKEA comforter has less filling and this makes it perfect for customers who live in locations with high temperatures or for those hot summer nights. The Honsbar ensures that the air flows through the filling and the heat won’t generate underneath it. You will stay cool, dry and relaxed throughout the whole night. The comforter can be machine washed but avoid tumble drying, bleaching and ironing.


  • The fact that this comforter has less filling makes it perfect for places with warm weather.
  • The natural air flow is ensured by the cotton covers.
  • You can clean it in a washing machine and it will quickly dry out because it’s thin.
  • This IKEA comforter is completely eco-friendly, because it’s made from recyclable and renewable materials.
  • The Honsbar comforter prevents allergies.


  • We couldn’t find any disadvantages of this comforter too.

Which Ikea Comforter Should I Choose For Summer Nights?

The most suitable comforter for summer nights and warm climate in general is a one that has less filling because it allows more air to flow through the filling and cover. This way the temperature in your bed will remain cool.

Are Ikea Comforters Machine-Washable?

Yes, all of the IKEA comforters that we have reviewed can be cleaned in a washing machine and at high temperatures. They won’t shrink.

Are There Any Allergens Or Dust Mites In The Ikea Comforters?

Don’t worry, all three of the reviewed IKEA comforters are free of dust mites and allergens. If you follow the provided instructions and wash them accordingly, you will be able to enjoy them for longer and have an allergy-free sleep.

Are Ikea Comforters Box Stitched?

Yes, they are box stitched to make sure that all the filling stays in the right place and won’t gather on one side of the comforter.

Can I Fit An Ikea Comforter In An Average Duvet Cover?

The IKEA comforters come in different sizes so you have to choose the one that matches your duvet cover. The comforters can fit ideally in queen size, king size, and double duvet covers. You only need to pay attention to the size when you are purchasing your comforter.


It’s easy to fall in love with the down comforters offered by IKEA. It takes only a look at them to know that you want one for yourself and have a cozy rest or sleep with it. The best part is that it’s easy to determine which one to purchase depending on the season you need it for. As we mentioned in this IKEA down comforter review, you might choose one with less filling for warmer climate or one with additional filling for colder periods. Once you make your choice, it’s very easy to maintain your IKEA comforter and enjoy its warmth or coolness for ages.